Fairy Bag seen in the flesh

  1. Thought I would write up what I saw in 2 Prada stores in New York today for everyone who has been speculating about the Fairy bag in it's white/black and reddish incarnation. I went in to see what they really looked like and what I could learn.

    Jill is right -- the bags in person are NOT matte like the ads. They are also more "colorful" -- the reddish/brick is more of a red and the interior lining on the tote and bowler (they had a large box shape, not unlike the plate bags from 07 but larger) -- Boston shape? The bags are shiny, softer than the pigskin bags ever were, but they have almost an irridescence to them - definitely sparkly.

    Each store is only getting so many, so you have to get your name on the list -- some stores had sold their allotment already.

    The tote is not that big really -- and has a gold edge along the top that I found really strange. The look book had 5 shapes -- the Boston/box, the bowler in the ads, the tote, a folder over clutch coming later, and an evening sized bag with a strap.

    So, seeing it -- did I want it? I have to say, no. The shine definitely bothered me, the colors were too bright and the bag just didn't look like what I thought it would. I might like it in a square tote on fabric as a print. People were definitely eyeing them tho and signing up for a wait list. One woman (definitely not a teen, so, so much for them being for young people) had the ad clutched in her hand. I'm thinking she was more my generation and the bag takes her, like it did me, back to those happy summer of love days (actually, I'm cuspy for that generation truth told). Maybe the lilac ones will be more matte.

    I love some of the clothes -- there were some really pretty things for summer -- just lordie -- 3300 for a dress? Ouch.
  2. will the bag come in a fabric???!
    thanks for the report girl!!!!
  3. Thanks, Jen! I like this print but I hear you on the shine. I really would like the print though as a framed print! :smile:
  4. I hadn't heard anything about a fabric Jill -- just wishful thinking on my part :sad: My perfect sized bag is my canvas Venice tote and I would love to have something that size again.

    I did also see those new totes Sonia sent pics of -- smaller than I thought they would be but the colors are great.

    MiuMiu has some gorgeous hot patent colors for wallets this spring btw.
  5. ^LMAO JENSKAR!I was thinking of my venice print totes too when u said fabric(I have 2 venice totes!!LOL!LOVES THEM!)
  6. Oh, the bags are somewhat shiny, I ordered the small boston bag, hope I like it!!! I was the one that said they were "fugly" sometime ago, but after I saw the Boston in real life I liked it. I thought it had somewhat of a pinkish hue background, not stark white as it appears in the ad.

    Wasn't fond of the tote either, didn't like the golden border or the size/shape of the bag.

    He said it won't be here for at least another week, when comes will post pix, and you can tell me what you think.
  7. Geez Jenskar! I'm so jealous you can just walk into a Prada boutique!!! There are NONE near me!! I have to hang on very thread of information I get from the pf'rs here!! Thanx so much for your detailed description...It was like I was there with you...Now wouldn't THAT have been fun lol!!!
  8. Jenskar, thanks so much for this helpful info! I'm DEFinitely not a teen/20-some either, so much for people thinking they'll only appeal to teenyboppers.
  9. No teeny bopper here either, LOL. Sigh---most of the time I'm glad I'm not , but today feeling old.
  10. Minette -- the Prada shop windows are done in wallpaper blow ups of the print -- very designey and wonderful -- you would love them !
    Emmy I know -- would be fun to go together -- I'm so glad it read like you were there -- at a certain point each season, I just have to get into the stores and SEE what is going on -- I used to do it at Barneys when they were downtown and there it was such fun as you could start at the top of their spiral staircase and just circle your way past all the looks.
    MY husband gets huge points for doing it all with me -- he's such a shopper ! And, he's the only one who got anything LOL. Huge points to Apple for having their new store where you can go surf and do more research while on the hunt! Love that.
    Longchamp and Liz -- that old saying of "if only I knew then what I knew now" about youth -- I wouldn't go back for the world but ah my neck today .... hehehehe I think you're right about the less stark white backgr btw -- I'm sure if you don't like it you can eBay it in 3.2 seconds and probably at a premium. The guy at LV said you could return their Prince bags if you preordered one and hated it -- I don't think Prada is like that tho. But I didn't ask.
  11. thanks for the report!
    I really want to see it in person :smile:
  12. Thanks so much for the report jenskar! I don't have a Prada boutique near me either...have to live vicariously through all of you!
  13. Thanks so much Jenskar!! This bag is definitely too artsy for me. Good to look at but not too good carrying it around.
  14. That design on them kind of creeps me out. Just find it strange. I am sure the bags look stunning in person.
  15. I'm jealous you got to see it, thanks for the report! I now need to go get my hands on one!