Fairy Bag on NM.com!!

  1. I found the fairy bag on NM.com. I put Prada Fairy in the search box, and I found it!! I had to scroll through a bunch of stuff, but it is there!! I don't know how to paste the link. So sorry!
  2. Boy, I am having a tough day, I meant NM.com.
  3. i would call the prada shops in Hawaii..

    (808) 955-5226 Ala Moana Shopping Mall
    (808) 949-2868 Accessory Boutique
    (808) 921-0200 Kalakaua Avenue Flagship

    call these stores they are taking preorders for all bags, they presold all of the ones they got in ONE DAY...and they are about 100-300 less in Hawaii then mailand US
  4. I'm soo in love with that bag :love:
  5. Other fairy bags are coming -- the SA at Neiman's showed me the look book for their orders and the purple print fairy is coming in four different shapes. I put my name down for one of those if it's a matte treatment instead of the shiny.
  6. holy moly, I like the shiny, okay with that--- but what?? the bag is purple --I think I'd like that.
  7. Here are two shots of the tote from the runway -- I can't tell how large it is tho.
    I also added the little ripple bag featured in the prada.com little animated movie which I think is really sweet and the lv that is clamouring for my attention right now -- I just don't know what to DOOOOOO !!

    But, did buy shoes. These are just out and I love the heel height
    to go with my suit <<
    prada fairy tote.jpg prada fairy tote2.jpg little ripple prada.jpg vuittonred.jpg pradashoes.jpg
  8. ^OOH! LOVE your new shoes!!HEHE!
    I like that ripple bag too ..Im considering a wallet in that version.
    NOT a fan of fairy bags but I think I would like the darker smaller version IRL ALOT MORE!
  9. ^ I bought those shoes also! BTW - did anyone get the new fairy "catalogue" from Prada? There are 3 versions of fairy shoes - but they are all over $900! :cursing:
  10. cougess -- you didn't !!! That's so funny as we both liked the same patent degrade bag last fall too !!!

    I got the fairy catalogue today -- was so hoping they would do a fairy wallet as I think it would be tres camp but no :sad: Saw the shoes and the prices are just ridiculous -- I can't wear heels that tall anyway, thank heavens !!
    Jill -- there's also a version of the ripple that is quite large -- there's an ad campaign for it -- in the rounder shapes I like it quite a bit.

    I have officially gone over to the dark side and ordered the Richard Prince LV Weekender PM I posted above today -- will get it in the next consignment. Now -- will you all visit me in LV forum land, please when it comes ??? I'll want to know what my Prada girl friends think of it !!
  11. Ah thanks for info on the purpble bag, cute bag, but like the off white pink bag better. Saw the Prince bags in real life, they are TDF, they are much better looking in real life. Not getting one, but glad to see someone did. Enjoy. Will look for you pix in LV.
  12. I have the fairy catalogue & I must say that I'm loving the clutch & the little pouch that they have :love:
  13. Hi. Is it possible to post pictures from the fairy catalog. I am trying to decide if I should try to order the large white bag or wait for a different style. TIA
  14. i love it!