Fairy Bag Delicate Warning!!

  1. Ok. So, I am having wait list issues with this bag. I just called the 5th ave store and spoke to a wonderful SA. They are getting their last shipment in a week to ten days plus a customer return. I range between 5 and 7 on the list, as some people are listed for both shapes. The SA was very thurough in telling me that this is more of a piece of artwork than a handbag. She said that you need to consider the weather before using the bag. Apparently the bag is painted and will be effected by heat, humidity and water. She said that the colors will run. I saw that someone posted that a friends bag ran and they returned it. Are they now telling us this because they will not accept a return on a bag that has issues??

    As much as I love this bag, I do have 2 young children. I use (lovingly) my bags. I need to tote my daughters juice boxes, diapers, wipes, toys and whatever other junk they don't want to carry. My Bbags are great for this. I do not change my bag everyday ... actually not at all. I change it when I get a new one. Then the old gets packed up and stored, with hopes that someday my girls will :heart: bags just as much as I do.

    So my question ... For $2300 (plus tax) ... do you think that it is worth it? Do any of you who have this bag believe that it is really this delicate?

  2. My regular SA at Prada warned me that this bag is NOT for regular use unless you are careful with it. I do think that you would want to be careful with any designer purse cos' of high price you've paid.

    If your kids are not careless and generally well-behaved, why not? But you wouldn't want to baby the purse more than your kids!

    Still, why not get the purse for special occasions if you really love it. Don't forget that you can always bring the purse back to the store if you change your mind.

    I saw a lady carrying it in Taipei with her two toddler boys. It looked fantastic in real life!
  3. I don't have this bag. The humidity and heat warning is on most, if not all of the care cards for my prada bags. What concerns me is the paint running. This sounds like a special occasion type bag, to me.
  4. I love this bag, but if the humidity thing is true this bag would deffinltly not be a good idea for me. But it is beautiful
  5. I have the bag, have carried it twice now with no problems. But call me crazy, never would be kids stuff in any of my expensive bags. I carry a Mark Jacobs nylon tote with me if I will be carrying ANYTHING that I don't want in my handbag.

    I don't even put pens without being in a plastic or nylon bag in my handbags.
  6. I have a VERY active three year old boy who spilled snapple on my fairy the second time I used it!!!! There is a little stain and a little bit of the color ran. Honesty, I am the only one who notices it.
    I was upset for all about 2 hours and than realized that is what is to be expected if you decide to carry around a 2300.00 bag with a three year old...... I guess it is the risk us mommies takes. I baby my bags and was upset, but, I am over it and can now use the bag more freely since it is officially broken in!;)
    I say go for it and just be careful....good luck!
  7. Tanya, do you use this as an everyday bag? Do you have a pic of what happened with the spill? Any rain yet? Can it fit over the shoulder?

    I have never had a problem with any of my bags (MJ's & Bal) with rain, etc. I try to avoid it, tuck it under the coat or umbrella - but sometimes it just happens. I am a stay at home mom - I can count on one hand the number of times that I have had a special occasion in almost 5 years. I want to be able to enjoy a bag, use it and show it off. I can't enjoy it sitting in my closet. Sometimes it will have to sit on the floor, the car floor, the grocery cart - thats life. None of my bags have ever suffered a spill before, and only really show wear at the corners. I have been using my LE magenta since august and just the corners are worn.
  8. OMG! The 5th ave SA just called and said they have the bag and will hold it until tomorrow for me. I told her that I need to think it over because of the return for credit only. I am so confused. I am afraid that i might see somebody with it and regret not having it. Until I read Tanya's post, I had almost ruled it out. I do not know what to do!
  9. I use the bag as an every day bag, but do not use her when it rains. I can take a pic later if u want of the run, it's not too bad though.....
    I am kinda small framed so it fits over the shoulder but not comfortably.
    I also had a problem with Manhasset Prada. They are soooo clueless!!!!! They were actually asking me questions about the bag when I called to tell them I got it already(questions they should NOT be asking customers about their products). Anyway, I worked with Nancy from the broadway store. She was awsome!!!
    Again....I love this bag and would hate myself if I passed it up. I say go for it mama!!!!
  10. Tanya, I really appreciate your input! I would love to see a pic of the stain if you get a chance - I know that you have a young child too, and one on the way ... saw you bag pics this afternoon. Congrats on the baby (and bag too)!

    I thought that it would be easiest to get it from Manhasset, since I live fairly close, I could inspect it before I purchased it. They are really clueless. When I went to the store with my dh, we were shocked at the state of the store. It was small and sort of sloppy and kinda messy - i guess it is like the service. There were bags on the floor.

    I had only called the 5th ave store at 4:30 and by 8ish they had a bag for me. Akiko was the SA. I will have to check that it is in perfect condition, because I know that they were expecting 1 or 2 customer returns. When she called though, she said that they received more then they expected.

    I wish that my dh was off this weekend to go to the store and pick it up. It would be too hard to go with my 2 girls. Although I was thinking of going to Bal ;) Thats a nice leisurely walk from Penn. There are too many distractions for them (&me) on the way to 57th & 5th. Also am not good at making up my mind - i need him for confirmation.

    Thanks so much for the help!!!
  11. Didn't mean to confuse you with my two cents.....I just don't want you to pass up a great bag cuz you have little ones. I am still kicking myself in the butt for not getting the Ivory LV LE Stephen and that was like two years ago.....my new policy is buy it u can always exchange it (especially when it comes to LE). Good luck!
  12. If you choose to go in and get it, there's a fast way to get to Prada. Walk one block east from Penn to the N,R, W train and take it to 59th and 5th. It's only a 2 or 3 block walk (depending on which exit you use) but you will have to pass the dreaded FAO Schwartz.

    While purchasing my dress yesterday, I was also warned not to wear the bag in the rain. I don't have children and can't really offer useful advice to you. All I can say is that you should follow what your instinct tells you.
  13. I know what you mean. It is so great to hear another SAHM's opinion. I am not abusive to my bags - but i do use them. I am 95% sure that I will take the bag. It was my hubbys idea in the first place. A few weeks he told me that he was suprised that i did not want the new prada bag. I did not even know what he was talking about. Once he showed it too me ... had to have it.

    My only fear is that the color of the bag is going to run off the bag - i am picturing running mascara at this point :p

    I will be devastated if I see somebody with it and I dont have one!:crybaby:
  14. I don't believe they are telling us not to use the 2300.00 bag we bought in the rain!!!! I honestly thought they would have sprayed it with some sort of guard or something.....I mean we did pay 2300.00!!!! Obviously, I am starting to get a little PO'd about the whole thing. I will just continue to use it with tlc knowing that if anything happens to it prada is going to have to deal with my fury!!!!!:boxing:
  15. restricter, thank you so much for all of your help. The more I think about it, I guess it is not whether or not you have kids but more about enjoying and using it. I guess that the SA almost talked me out of it with all of her facts. I know that she was being thorough in telling me all of the info, i have never been told anything like that with any bag I have ever bought.

    Also I love bags like this, that are limited, receive a lot of press and really hard to get. Each of my bags are all kept with all of their receipts, boxes and any articles or press. That way, when they are passed onto my daughters they will know a little background on what was so special about this bag.

    This bag is so MINE!! (99% sure)