Fairy @ Amsterdam

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  1. For all Dutch ladies who are after a Prada Fairy bag: I saw one today at Azzuro in the PC Hooftstraat! It was on display in the window. I actually couldn't believe it wasn't sold the minute they put it in the window, but there it was, smiling at me. Go grab it if you can!
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but many Prada boutiques are putting their Fairy bags in their windows as displays only, they will not sell the bags! Perhaps that is why this one is still hanging around. It is total and complete torture to see the bags and not be able to buy them! I hope this isn't the case with your store, but I just wanted to warn people as I got my hopes up when I saw a bag in my store's window and they wouldn't sell it! Luckily I was able to get one somewhere else, but it was really frustrating!

    Thanks for posting the info though and hopefully your store will part with their Fiary bag and make the day of a lovely tPFer!
  3. ^how crazy is that? I just can't understand why stores do that, it's soooo frustrating! I'm not a very frequent customer of this particular store (basically because I dislike the owner), so I can't be sure they'll sell. I hope so for the one who wants to buy it. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to give them a call first before going there, the telephone number is 020-6716804