Fairly New at this....Am I allowed?

  1. I had a bag up for sale on eBay. It did not sell, but during the past week a buyer informed me that she was interested and wasn't home when when the auction ended so she couldn't bid. She offered me less than my start price and I told her I would consider a lesser amt. and will include shipping. After several emails, she finally decided to go for the amt. I offered. Now, I have other interested parties offering me more for the bag. What should I do? Can I sell after an auction is closed? Will eBay be mad at me? Should I go with the higher offer? HELP please!!!!
  2. If you want to accept her offer, you probably need to relist the item with a BIN set to the price she has offered. Or you can just relist and tell all these people to bid on the relisted item.
  3. So it is against eBay's rules to sell after the bidding has ended?
  4. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to do that through ebay. You will get your second listing fee back if you relist and the item sells, though.
  5. If your item ended without any bids or without a winner you can sell to anyone you want to OFF of eBay.
  6. Now that others are also interested, I am wondering if it is wrong to consider the more generous offers. I feel kind of bad about this, before I guess because I was worried about selling outside of ebay and because I had communicated with her before anyone else. Then again, I am trying to make a profit, which I am not at the price I am selling it for. I feel like I am horrible at this ebay stuff.
  7. it's really your call. I would sell it to the woman that I had agreed on a price with. But, it's your widget so the ball is in your court.
  8. I would just relist it. That way, whoever bids the highest gets the bag. It's a little annoying how people wait until the last possible moment to bid and then are upset when they miss the end of the auction.

    I wouldn't feel bad about considering the other offers. If you re-list, then ebay doesn't have any problem with it since you are not selling outside of ebay. If you don't re-list and just sell it, if someone reports you, then you could get into trouble.

    Let all the interested parties know that you are re-listing the item. Ebay will refund you the initial listing fee if it sells the second time around (as long as you have listed it for the same price)
  9. I also would relist the item and allow the bidders to go through the formal ebay process. If there are this many interested buyers then they will still be interested when you sell it via a more legitimate auction forum.
  10. I wouldn't sell off of Ebay. Can you do "second chance" offers? Ebay notifies you if you can do this. Usually it refers to offering the bag to any of the people who bid on your item - for the amount of their highest bid.

    Otherwise, relist it with a BIN which is acceptable to you, not the person who emailed you. And see if it sells that way. Good Luck.
  11. How would she get into trouble if the item did not sell at auction?

    I agree with the other posters though. I would relist and let the best eBayer win.
  12. I would definately go through ebay whether you sell it to this buyer or relist it. You can always relist it, do a BIN, and/or restrict the bidders to the username of the person you want to sell it to. That way you have the protection from Ebay and Paypal. If you don't go through ebay you lose most of your dispute protections in case something goes wrong.

    I had something similar happen with on of my auctions. I told her I would make a special BIN auction and restrict it just to her for 24 hours or else I would change my listing and allow others. That way I had the protection from Ebay in case something happens and it gave me an out in case she wasn't serious or flakey.
  13. I agree whatever you do, DO NOT do an off-ebay transaction (or through any forum that does not have a feedback mechanism, at the very least). Ebay may suck but the little protection it offers is worth the fees if something goes wrong.

    Usually my first ASQ after an item doesn't sell is a lowball offer with similar explanations. I think those are pretty common and sometimes it's legit but I think it's also a strategy for some buyers/resellers to score deals when you're at your weakest thinking no one wants your bag =( I've always been lucky to get my asking price on the relist.

  14. If she sells it to a buyer who initially saw it on Ebay and Ebay finds out, she could be reported and then suspended. Ebay has strict rules about this. Off ebay transactions are considered fee avoidance. (when you've previously listed it, of course)
  15. Let all your interested parties know you are re-listing the bag on ebay.
    Don't feel guilty either as they'll have their chance to bid if they really want your item.