Fairfax Loehmann's...any tokidoki recently?

  1. hi, i was wondering if anyone has visited the Loehmann's in Fairfax recently and if they've spotted any tokidoki ^^ please let me know!
  2. hey gwenny i was just there last weekend and i didn't see any :sad: everyone elses loehmanns seems to be getting them in, so maybe we should have some soon. if you go there let me know - its hard to find tokis in dc!
  3. Last time I was there (about three weeks ago) didn't have any, and the Falls Church Loehmann's only had 2 Citta Scuolas. I had WAY better luck finding Tokis at Filene's (either at Tyson's or the one at 14th & F).

    Yay DC Toki people! (For awhile I thought I was the only one around here!)

  4. Yeah I was there last week and there were NONE! But I'll check out Filene's in Tysons... I keep forgetting that it went in there! Do you know what kind of Toki's they have there?
  5. Those in NY, Fillenes have some Toki and I was kinda surprised. All I saw was Arancia though. Same with Loehmann's. Heard that ppl's been finding Citta Rosa bags there but nothing when I went there last week.
  6. Yay! Our big move to McLean, VA is happening this week! :nuts: Would be nice to see some tokis over there too. Thanks for all the info here. :tup:
  7. When I was there two weeks ago they had mostly Arancia - a couple Ciao Ciaos, some Nuvolos, and I can't remember what else. I found my much searched for Foresta Corriere, but be warned - none of them had Qees attached (you could see where some had been broken off). If you go to Filene's Tysons the Tokis were on the bottom shelf, on the back side of all the LeSportsac bags (and there were tons of those!), so you had to look for them. If they didn't have the Arancia, I'm not sure I would have noticed them at first!

    The Filene's at 14th & F had a wider variety of styles and patterns, but primarily Treninos. But again, I haven't been down there in a couple weeks.

    Hope this helps!

  8. I just went today, and I was so shocked to see a foresta! But I'm not a huge fan of the corriere. But if you are, it's on the 2nd floor in the junior section. There are TONS of ciao and nuvolo arancia downstairs in the purse section.
  9. too bad they didn't have many of the prints. im not really a fan of the arancia - its a little to orange for me and i don't care for the corriere style either

    did you happen to notice what prints were in the treninos at filenes at 14&F ?
  10. I'm so jealous you east coasters have a variety in your Toki prints at Loehmann's! The one in Beverly Hills has had a TON of Arancia's and once it had a few Citta and Citta Rosa Scuolas.
  11. haha and we're jealous of all you who love on the west coast because of all the stores that carry tokis! i would love to actually see a bag in person before i buy it

  12. There was a variety, but I can't remember which patterns, since I wasn't interested in getting another Trenino. I definitely remember seeing Foresta. I maybe nearby later this week (restaurant week baby!) and if I can convince my friends, I'll swing by and scope them out for you!

  13. That would be awesome!! Do scope it out!! :yes:
  14. I'm so sorry! It was too hot out to convince my friends to walk uphill 4 more blocks to check it out. Maybe you can call them?