Fair Refund for Misdescribed B Bag

  1. Upon opening a previous thread after recieving my gorgeous but misdescribed bag
    I wrote to you guys

    (I Recieved my Gorgeous Bal Bag this morning however although there was a little damage to a replaced side bit the seller said like new
    however upon recieving it string bit aroun the handles has slightly wore and there are 3 patches on the bag i can see where the metallic is wearing
    I love the bag but im so annoyed people can't be honest!!
    P.s I have also now noticed Seller Used Brand New Pics (when she bought it from seller on her auctions:cursing::cursing:)

    The seller has since been abit nicer I said as i like the bag I think i would like abit of compensation as The bag was very much not as described
    What do you guys think would be worth asking for although she still says Its unfair she has only Recieved my price for a $800 bag

    Any ideas guys?:tup:
  2. I say that you should get a full refund for it and send the damn thing back. If you need to, file with PayPal (if you paid with PayPal) with the reasoning that the item is Significantly Not As Described and escalate it to a claim explaining that she used brand new pictures when the back was damaged. She lied in her auction and should not be allowed to get away with it...and definitely not by saying that you got a great price so basically you should just shut up and leave her alone..that isn't right. It's unfair that she lied in her auction and sold you a damaged bag and depicted it as new in her listing.
  3. I just followed the link to the actual auction, and I think you may have misread the description. There were all sorts of problems with the bag. It is plainly written. I think you may have used wishful thinking when bidding on this bag. I remember this listing and almost bid on the bag myself. I just love the color. But decided against it because of the condition listed.

    I also think that you should just return the bag if you don't like it, asking for partial money back reeks of extortion. Although I am sure you did not mean it that way.
  4. Did you have the bag authenticated prior to buying? I just think it is odd that it would have so many problems the first time she used it. It looks a little off to me but I'm not an expert. But anyway, I think on the one hand she says it is in like new condition but in another place relates all the issues. But she didn't disclose all the problems you mention. You might be eligible for a SNAD refund. What do other people think?
  5. I agree with purse-mum, I followed the link and could clearly see and read in the description that the bag was damaged. IMO, the seller didn't misrepresent the item in any way. I think it would be best to send the item back if you're not happy, however, I don't agree with requesting a discount for a problem that was mentioned. In all honesty, I think if you opened up a dispute paypal may side with the seller b/c all the problems you described are in the listing.
  6. I can't believe that I am thinking about the bag again!!! It's so cute! Anyway I just went back to the auction again and it is stated gently used great condition. I have never bought anything in great condition. Who knows what that means. As has been written on this forum many times mint is mint, excellent a bit more subjective but has certain expectations, but great??? Great has no meaning whatsoever. If it isn't all sagged out on the bottom I would consider it in great condition. I think you should send the bag back and in the future only bid on mint or brand new items. I think you should definitely keep it friendly as you are both slightly at fault here.
  7. purse mum and mia2001
    I clearly note that damage mentioned The seller used all but 1 of the previous sellers pics and i clearly acknowledge the strap replacement bit
    I actually love it it makes the bag different Imo !!
    But where does it say the Handle strings fraying or metallic is rubbing of anywhere?

    downtownatlanta Yes i did have it authenticated to buying here! thats what i find so weird the condition of the bag and damage does not consist with one use
    forgive me for questioning you both but i really don't see how seller described all the damage the bag came with????
  8. Purse Mum Yep I have went back to the description about 5 times in the past 5 minutes lol
    Im not being a difficult ebayer im just so annoyed she didnt mention these other flaws especially after mentioning the main one!!
    If It had been one of my bags I would see that as me witholding the truth to the buyer which is really unacceptable to anyone!!!
  9. I would just return it for a full refund.
  10. I feel that the statement "In Like New Condition" is up for interpretation. In the auction the seller wrote that the bag was used "once" but she also states that she purchased the item from another seller (so one can only assume that the original seller used the bag as well). Therefore, I feel that the new buyer should expect some "wear". Asking the seller to compensate for "use" for a "like new" item just seems unfair. This is only my opinion, if you feel that the seller misrepresented the item than open up a dispute. I hope the seller sides with you and everything works out. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  11. To the OP, I feel for you. The seller did disclose major flaws which would be enough to make me not bid.

    However, I think the seller's description of "like new" is totally and completely INNACCURATE. If I had seen that listing with that description, out of principal alone, I would not bid. NOTHING with that amount of damage and repair should be described as "like new". That's just ridiculous.

    And, if the seller used the pictures from the seller they bought it from and didn't take photos of the current cond. of the bag.....that is also misrepresentation.

    Good luck.
  12. Rich Bentley. I am sorry, I am not trying to attack you, I toyed with bidding on the bag too. The shiny pinkness of it blinded both of us I suppose. Just send it back. Patches are definitely something that should be mentioned although the whole description is pretty muddled. I have had bad wins also, it happens. Just get your money back in the most friendly way possible!
  13. Okay I never saw the like new description and just went back to the listing for the fourth time today. I see it now, but read gently used and great condition twice before I got to that. Crazy description. If it looks to good to be true it usually is, although I once won a black silk velvet brand new Blumarine dress for 11.00 and it was flawless!!
  14. Ugh that description is a mess and is very misleading in my opinion.

    I also vote that you send the bag back for a FULL refund. I mean, having a frayed and worn bag (to say nothing of the weird "repair" and missing shoulder strap) isn't going to make you thrilled to carry it, even if it's cheaper, right? In my personal opinion the whole point of buying expensive bags is to feel awesome when you carry them!
  15. It sounds to me like the buyer really wants to keep the bag but feels she paid too much given the condition. However, in this situation, I think you have to either give it up entirely or just keep it and suck up the price. I don't see the seller being happy to negotiate a new price with you now. Maybe just chalk it up to a lesson learned. Always question about the actual condition of the bag I guess.