Fair price?

  1. I'm about to purchase my first Balenciaga First. I've got two to decide from, but I was wondering what you would consider a fair price for a used bubblegum pink classique? I still don't know much about the value of colors, etc. so any help/suggestions would be great!
  2. Hmm. Has the seller given you a minimum price or anything?

    Considering that bubblegum pink isn't one of the more popular colors (I think I've seen several go on sale here and on ebay).. and it's the first size, and used at that.. I would think that you shouldn't pay more than $800.

    How used is it? I remember one seller (who I saw both here and on ebay) had one that had ink stains on the back and whatnot.. If I remember correctly, I think it went for $650 on ebay?

    ps. do you go to Cal? I think I saw a couple of your selling posts on LJ and it said your email addy as @berkeley.edu. I go to Cal too! Go bears! haha
  3. Yes, I go to Cal :smile: Have you started studying for finals? :hrmm:

    The girl you were talking about...I think that bubblegum pink went for $500something. She actually tried to sell me hers when I inquired about Balenciaga bags on LJ hahaha But she was in the middle of moving to a new house and I haven't been in contact with her for like a week so I gave up on that one.

    This bag is a different one. I told the seller that I wasn't looking to spend more than $650-$775. She asked me for an offer and I said $700-750 sounded reasonable and she suggested $750 and is now she's asking me if I'd be willing to pay shipping on top of it, but it seems like it's getting to be a little pricey? I don't really know. The handles seem a bit dirty in the photos, but I really have no experience with Balenciaga. I just know I want one..lol It seems like I can get one from eBay if I'm not too particular about colors for about $650-725 if I get lucky. I don't know what do you think? She's such a sweet girl and I don't want to tell her no after all the trouble. I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision I guess? I'm also paranoid that the color won't match ANYTHING. I asked her about it and she said it goes well with black lol

    sekalaiset000115aq.jpg sekalaiset000129zx.jpg
  4. I think $750 is a pretty great price for that bag - it looks to be in great condition!
  5. I wouldn't pay more than 700?
    You could get one for around that on eBay eventually!
  6. It also depends on if you are looking for a b-g pink or not...
    if you just want a b-bag and you don't care about the color I may wait, but if you are looking specifically for this color then get it!
  7. Finals, shminals. :P I'm in completel denial that they're coming. Maybe it's because I'm just a first year who hasn't experienced the pitfalls of cramming yet. :rolleyes:

    Personally, I don't like the bubblegum pink color. I got my magenta first for $800. If you pay for shipping on top of the $750.. :hrmm: I personally wouldn't do it. If you're patient enough (which, I am NOT :Push:smile:, you can probably find one for cheaper.

    Is bubblegum pink your first choice? I've seen several blue-ish bags go for relatively cheap on ebay recently.. (teal twiggy, cornflower blue twiggy).. I also saw a rose pink box go for $650 (:cry: so sad I missed out on that one).
  8. I saw an olive first on eBay go for $600 yesterday!

    Hahha It's okay..I'm a second year and I still find it hard to study. You gotta go to the stacks or you won't get ANYTHING done. hahah Are you in the dorms?

    ahh a magenta first for $800?? I'm totally jealous. The pink isn't my first choice =T I've got $1200 to burn (the most I've had in a LONG time) but I know I definitely want a first. I'm tempted to just buy one brand new, but I don't really care for the current colors and I don't think I can wait until the fall. lol The other problem about this B-bag is that the seller is overseas and I'm a little afraid about customs :Push:

  9. Well, honestly - if you have $1200 and the bubblegum isn't your favorite - you should wait it out for the one you want the most! :smile:
  10. i agree. $700 or so is a lot to spend on a bag. better off spending more and getting the color you want.
  11. Agreed. If you have that much $$$ set aside for a bag, something will fall into your lap that you won't have ANY doubts about in no time at all.
  12. $1200??

    Sounds just like me- I finally scraped together $1200 (money! something my bank account hasn't seen in a LOOOONG time, hehe) and immediately put it towards an ink city.. :amuse:

    If pink is not your first choice, DON'T DO IT! Have you seen the color IRL? I have (I actually purchased a bubblegum city and then promptly resold it).. and it is not my favorite. If you have that much money, definitely hold out. You will find that :love: color eventually! What colors are you interested in? I'm sure some of the ladies here can help you find something. There's also a little boutique in LA that I frequent that sells b-bags- that's where I got my magenta (on sale, at that! :shocked:) and when I go home, I can get the number for you. Last time I was there, I was distracted silly by all the colors!

    (PS. Whenever I go to main stacks, I just end up socializing.. I don't know why. The only place I can study is my lounge at 5AM when everyone else is sleeping.. :huh:)
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies, but it just seems like no one is selling their firsts!! lol and I want one like RIGHT NOW. hahaha gosh I need to learn to be patient. There are a few colors that I like but I don't really want to have to pay more than retail for a used bag if you know what I mean? It's unfortunate that I didn't get really interested in Balenciaga until recently.

    I sold 3 purses to get the money together. It's been sitting in my PayPal account for 2 weeks. I was so disappointed when the MP closed! I was really looking forward to a new purchase in a week when I met the requirements! Oh well.

    Ahh ON SALE? I must get that number! lol I want something bright and fun. Fairly easy to match and a great every day kind of bag!
  14. Hi
    I have the Bubblegum pink city and I just love it! No- it doesn't match with everything but a lot of the colors aren't going to match with everything (except for black, white, caramel). I would say go with your gut feeling. If you are unsure then wait for the perfect color to come along. Everyone has likes and dislikes and that's what makes us all different- if we all liked the same things it would be boring. Make your own choice- it's your bag and your the one who is using it. The picture you posted is the color it is- it is very fun to carry. I am waiting for my black city to come on Wednesday- so now I can switch often! I can't wait! Good luck!!!
  15. oh the pink is pretty but if u can wait, just wait for the color that u truly like...