Fair Price For This One?

  1. Hi Everyone, I don't know as much about LV as I do other designers...I found this bag, can you tell me the official name for this style and is $518 a fair price for a good condition used one?


    TIA!! :heart: :heart:
  2. :nogood: other sold not more than $400 even $350, preloved sold for $250-350 only but it's LE and imposibble to find at any LV stores then if you're really keen it, grab it soon
  3. its really cool looking
  4. I think around $400 would be better...fair, but not the greatest price.

    If you live in my LV store has one available still.
  5. Yeah that's the fuchsia Charms pochette. I have that one and love it, it's made better than other pochettes IMO since it's lined in calfskin, not textile like other pochettes. I think that's a little more expensive than it should be, $400-$450 is better.
  6. very nice bag...... and good price
  7. I was going to say I wouldn't pay more than $350, but then again I've not seen one in this colour. Demand will always drive the price up anyway, so if you really want it, bid high! :p

  8. :yes:
  9. a bit on the expensive part, but if you want it then go.
  10. I would pay $450 for it.
  11. The price is too high for pre-owned, but I believe it's still cheaper than retail, no? I forgot how much they were :sweatdrop: It's a gorgeous bag though!
  12. cute, but I would not pay more than $400 shipped for it.
  13. Thanks for all the input everyone! Karman, you know where one is available for $400?
  14. My Boutique have a couple left.
  15. You'll have to look on eBay.