Fair price for like-new VP's?

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  1. Hi ladies. I'm looking for my fourth pair of CL's. I found a pair of like-new Black Patent (with black patent heel & tip) Very Prives. They have VERY minimal signs of wear (almost can't even tell that they've ever been worn) but don't come with the box. What do you think would be a fair price? What do they retail for? Thanks for your help! I'm still learning!!!
  2. No one can tell me what they retail for????
  3. retail is 795. They're available on neimans, net a porter - etc. Like new I'd say 500-600 is normal anything below is a steal. If you ask in the Deals chatting thread you'll prob get more responses.
  4. ^^ :flowers:
  5. oopsie daisy my smile was missing
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  6. #7 Jul 20, 2009
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    ^ OOOOH! They have OXBLOOD VPs!!

    Also, if you look at the regular black and nude vps it's 795

    different fabrics/materials have different pricing :flowers: it looks like the metallic patent is cheaper than regular patent?
  7. Thanks everyone! I know I should just pull the trigger on these VP's, but it's hard to justify with my vacation coming up. I think they are a good deal though and I probably don't want to let them get away.