Faint logo embossment on Speedy DE!

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  1. I just purchased the Speedy 25 from the boutique and noticed this. Is this normal at all???


  2. I just went to the boutique for an exchange. This speedy with the faint embossment was made in June 2012 and the two with which I compared with deeper embossment were made in January 2012. Not to mention that the quality of the lock has gone downhill too - there's a significant difference in its weight, color, and glossiness. I am disappointed!
  3. Wow! I had to check mine after reading your post. Here's mine; purchased Sep 2011.


    You can definitely tell the difference!
  4. That is a huge difference. Can you exchange it or a different one?
  5. Interestingly, even the surface of the leather looks a bit different...
  6. Indeed, they ARE different! I forgot to mention these too - the zipper pull leather is thinner and the color of its back side is lighter, slightly greyer with less of a brownish tone. The canvas has gotten thinner. The color of the canvas is slighter lighter. When holding the purse with both hands, I feel that the more recently made one is less substantial. The only thing that feels and looks unchanged is the handle.

    It is sad to see the quality decelerating this fast in just half a year of time!
  7. Yes I did. I immediately went back and exchanged for a different one. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the photo. The one I exchanged for was in Jan 2012. Its embossment is still a tad lighter than yours. Man!
  9. this is mine purchased aug 2012


  10. i think my looks normal :smile:
  11. I had the same thing happen to me. I rushed to buy a DE speedy before the price increase. I got home to find the stamp was not done properly. It said LOUIS VUITTO and a very very lightly stamped N.

    I returned it.
  12. What?!?!! I think that's even worse than having the entire stamp being light. I am glad that you noticed it that soon!
  13. ^I agree. If you tried to sell it later, it is likely that someone would claim it is a fake with the different, more faint N...
  14. Wow, so what...is LV starting to skimp on quality to deal with the economic state?!?! That would be such a shame!
  15. urrrgg! :yucky:

    the situation looks very grim :rain: