failure to launch *spoilers!*

  1. why can't sjp pick better movies? this had such good cast potential. *sigh*

    did anyone else get creeped by the fact that she was basically a hooker? yikes. and the animals? weird. at least matty mcone-whatever is easy on the eyes.

    edit: went a little nuts with the question marks. :shame: :smile:
  2. I haven't seen this but have wanted to.
    Weird thing though. . . DH travels ALL THE TIME and actually watched it twice in one week and liked it!
    It's not his normal type of movie {no Rambo or guns} so I was really surprised!
  3. I think it's cute movie, I like it... :biggrin:
  4. I am a big SJP fan, but I did not like this movie, I was pretty disappointed after watching it. I liked her in Family Stone much better. :sad:
  5. I thought it was a super cute movie...the last 20min were the best for me though.
  6. i've seen this movie. i like it! it's cute. specially the part where they're playing with the paint ball gun [err, what's that called again? :lol:]
  7. I didn't like's cute, but it seems like every other movie out there. What happened to the days when movies actually had meaning and were fun to watch? Or when actors/actresses could act? Hollywood...*sighs*
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