fagmilia pic on lesporsac japan website...

  1. ehh what do you guys think?... 4730_2.jpg
  2. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!! And very disappointing!! It definitely doesn't have that signature tokidoki look!!

    Pass for me.

    But I know you addicts out there that may not like the print will still "get something small" in it! I know how you people operate!! :roflmfao:
  3. umm yea....no.
  4. yay, i get to save money with that print! lol :push:
  5. boo! hopefully the colors aren't as drab as the picture but it's a pass for me too. yay! one less to buy so i can buy more of the ones i REALLY love! :roflmfao:
  6. It looks like a way-too-colorful Louis Vuitton.
  7. ITA that it's BORING. It doesn't look tokidoki at all, no edginess whatever.
  8. I need to see it in person, but I might actually like it. I was more disappointed by the Spiaggia print than by this one.
  9. meh, looks boring. It's hard to tell though from such a small picture.
  10. Um I think its kinda ugly... lol.. Especially with the dull brown color. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see a closer pic but I don't think so...
  11. I'll pass on this one.
  12. well, looks like there'll be plenty for me at the outlets then! :p

    I guess I'm an oddball, but I really like it. I like the darker prints anyway (I have 4 infernos), and I was really wanting something I could wear with all my tan & khaki clothes. Plus I don't like the prints with girls, only the characters, so I'm happy about that, too.

    I think this is a nice subtle bag you could take to the office and still look professional. So thumbs up from me (although it looks like I may be the only one in that particular club, LOL!)
  13. :yucky: Not for me. I'm not getting a thing in this print not even a caramella!!! This print is saving me $$$ :yahoo: Oh wait, saving my BF $$$ is what I meant!! :lol:
  14. gonna pass!
  15. I don't like that print at all!! I don't know.. to me, it looks like a knock-off flea market bag!