Fafi print

  1. Crap, I was just looking at Lesportsac's website to decide which Fafi print stuff I'm gonna get and I see they are already sold out of a couple of the cosmetic bags. Looks like I will just pick out a handbag from the line.

    Does anyone know if they will make future Fafi prints?
  2. fafi creeps me out. *lol* it's way clown-ish to me, and i hate clowns... :crybaby:
  3. I know it isn't for everyone. I like it though.
  4. yeah, my bf liked it. i had to walk away. *lol* the last time i saw the print at ala moana, i looked hard at it... and said, "it looks like a coked out hooker betty boop."
  5. i love fafi, but not on these bags...the colors aren't good..however i LOOVE LOVE LLOOVEEEEEE the glittery silver lining..why can't simone do stuff like that? i hate brown/khaki trim with his colorful wonderland that is tokidoki....
  6. Bubblesung, do you know the color of the inside lining on the Fafi bags? I know it has the silver trim.
  7. Can someone post a pic of the print.. this is the first time I hear of the Fafi print!
  8. Go to LeSportsac.com and you will see it right away.
  9. Thanks Widow, I saw it! But this Fafi print is not Tokidodi right?
    I have to say, it doesn't do anything for me.. thank goodness!!!
  10. No it isn't Tokidoki. Different line altogether.
  11. That's exactly how I feel about it.:yes:
  12. :roflmfao: you crack me up with your comment lol!! idk Fafi looks like alice in wonderland type of theme to me...i just dont like the colors...its tooo bold for me to go around with