Fafi + MAC

  1. Hello! For you MAC lovers and FAFi fanatics I thought this would be a great post........
    FAFI is doing a collection with MAC :yahoo: can't wait till this drops. It is so cute!! Here are a couple of pics!!
    1111.jpg 4.jpg
  2. a couple more pics!!!:love: I want the whole collection!!
    8ayxso8.jpg 71nx24w.jpg 68f43bc3.jpg
  3. Omg Hotness!
  4. Who is fafi....?
  5. FAFi is the Hottest graffiti artist in the world! I love her because her art is so Sexy, Cute, and Fun!!!
    You Should definetly check out her website www.fafi.net.
    heres a pic of some of her art!
    mel.jpg cope2-fafi.jpg colette.jpg
  6. That's AWESOME!! :smile:
  7. :wtf:i really want those two quads and lip glosses! i cant wait 'til it releases!!:woohoo:
  8. i didnt know either! thanks for the info on her pyt, this collection looks fun!
  9. I need some of these !! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fafi !! She's a French artist, very talented, draws in the streets..started the female graffiti artists group.I didn't know she was so international, love the fafinettes ! (name of the girls she draws)
  10. Oh, wow! The collection looks awesome! I really need to get a few things from the collection once it's out. Thanks so much for posting this!
  11. what's the release date or timeframe? It looks really cool, I'm gonna have to pic up a few pieces :smile:
  12. I believe it's due out Feb 13th in USA...Can't wait!! This is a list of items that will be in the collection I found from another sight>>Hope this helps!

    MAC for Fafi - Set for release 3rd February 08 (in Australia)

    6x Lipstick (LE)
    4 x Lipglass (LE)
    2 x Eyeshadow Quad
    6 x Paint Pots (LE)
    1 x Fluidline (Repro: Blacktrack)
    2 x Eye Kohl (Repro: Smolder, Fascinating)
    1 x Zoomlash Mascara (Repro: Zoomblack)
    2 x Blush (LE)
    2 x Iridescent Powder (1 LE, 1 Repro: Belightful)
    2 x Nail Lacquer (LE)
    #210 Brush - Precision Eyeliner Brush (LE)
    #129 Brush (Repro)
    #208 Brush (Repro)
    #182 Brush (Repro)
    3 x Fafinette character dolls
    3 x Fafinette character bag

    Packaging will be glossy black with either Fafinette characters or Fafinette signature on Iridescent Powder, Blush, Lipstick, Lipglass and Eyeshadow Quads.

  13. It is on Teen vogue mag of February page 82.
  14. I am BEYOND excited for this!! But I am even more excited for MAC for Heatherette!
  15. i don't wear that much makeup, but i love fafi! can't wait to see the line...def gonna pick something up. so cute!