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  1. :tdown: My Inferno Campe leather part is fading! Its turning a redish color. I have only had it a week! How can I fix it? I just noticed today and I am not happy. :cursing:
  2. Wow, that fast? Hmm, that's odd. Is it supposed to fade? I know my citta rosa bella's leather is getting DARKER...not fading :shrugs:
  3. YES! I know...I will have to post some pix in a bit. I just noticed today. I have been carrying it for a week. At first I thought it was from my scrubs that I wear to work. I was wearing a purple-pinky color. They have been washed already a few times so I doubt it. Anyone else have clothes that rub off on the bags? :confused1:
  4. OK yes, I'd like to see that. If you've had it out for only a week I don't see why it should be doing that..especially fading, not getting darker.
  5. The leather is vachetta. It can get color transfer from clothes and it naturally darkens with time (it's the same type of leather that's on the Louis Vuitton monogram bags). You can try alcohol-free baby wipes to clean up dirt and color transer. My experience is that it worked well getting rid of denim transfer.
  6. A charecteristic of Vachetta leather is that it DOES change color.
  7. I once was wearing a new light red hoodie ... all the color from the hoodie rubbed off onto my jeans and onto the leather on my black bella bella making it look super weird. I just kept using the purse and the reddish color eventually wore off and the color of the leather returned to normal. :smile:
  8. was it because it's wet? rain water?
  9. I know it's vachetta leather but I thought it was posted a long time ago that the leather on the toki bags is treated and so it won't change color over time like on LV bags?
  10. I don't know about anyone else, but mine hasn't changed color at all and I've had it for half a year and use it everyday. I know Alaska has very low humidity, so does moisture have anything to do with the leather darkening?
  11. I know how much sunlight it is exposed to does!
  12. When wiping it with a water based agent, don't put too much, otherwise the leather will wrinkle. Danier leather spot cleaner seems to be good in cleaning the leather part.