Fading problems with Sandstone or Naturel?

  1. In reading an earlier thread regarding yellowing of some of the lighter colors, has anyone had any issues with Sandstone or Naturel? I've ordered a City, and the SA couldn't determine which color it was, other than it's a "light taupey beige." Am I better off just getting black, then? Oy! So many things to consider.
  2. Nope, no problems here with yellowing or fading and I have both colors. I will say that my Natural is a really delicate color and I feel like I have to baby it. Sandstone is one I feel like I can toss and around it will always look good as new. There is a huge difference between the two colors and your SA should be able to describe them better. Natural is very light. Sandstone is a darker taupey brown-beige. :yes:
  3. ^ I agree with Glimmer - that Sandstone is a taupey-beige brown. And definately doesn't seem like a delicate color that you have to baby! Always a plus for me!

    I've had my Sandstone since March, and the color looks good as new!! :tup: (And I highly recommend it.)
  4. Lighty taupey beige sounds like Sandstone to me... I haven't had any problems with fading on mine & I don't expect I will. I would def. get Sandstone before black, it's just beautiful IRL
  5. Ooooo, fingers crossed that it turns out to be Sandstone. I'll be using this as an every day bag and really don't want to have to baby it. It should be here next week, so we'll see. Thanks ladies.
  6. Ooh let us know what it is when you get it!