Fading on lava-colored Fall '07 Kooba (Katy)?

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  1. Hello all: This is my first post. I got my first Kooba about 2 months ago - a Fall '07 Kooba Katy in the lava (dark espresso brown) color. I love it. But I think it's fading to a lighter brown. I'm wondering if others have experienced this with their Koobas, or if I'm imagining things.
  2. Wow. This news isn't boding well for Kooba! If it is really fading that means two different lines in the recent year have had color issues. The slate bags in the Sloane/Gretchen line were discoloring and now possibly the lava Katy. I haven't any experience with the lava. I did have a brief fling with a Dylan (borrowed) in Cuoio but not long enough to notice if any color issues could be identified.

    Ladies: Does anyone recall there being such issues with previous Kooba lines? I know some of the Ivory bags discolored, but I don't recall anything else so drastic as the slate bags. This is getting ridiculous!

    P.S. HI! Welcome! :balloon: