Fading monogram canvas

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  1. Hey All,
    Just wondering if any of you experience fading on your monogram wallets. I just realized my sarah wallet I've had for about 4 years (moderate use) has some fading on the white part of the wallet. You can see through the white parts.Does that make sense? :P Do you guys think this is this normal wear and tear? Thx!
  2. I guess it sound like normal wear and tear. I notice that the monogram canvas markings can chip off. Based on observing my mom wallet. lol
  3. I'm assuming by white part you're talking about a white MC wallet? If so, there's been instances of fading.
  4. Oh, I did not notice OP was concerning about her Mulicolor Monogram. I thought she was wondering about the regular classic monogram canvas. :lolots:

    I don't own any Multicolor monogram. But I heard heard it could chip and fade. :smile:
  5. The design on the MC is a silk screen, so it's susceptible to fading/chipping/scratching off.
    Anytime I get anything MC, my SA is sure to caution me against it rubbing against anything and keeping it away from things like keys that can scratch it.
  6. Good catch, I thought she was talking about the mono as well.
  7. Thanks for letting us know this info. I have my first MC on the way.
  8. Keep the dust bag on if you're not using it and keep it away as much as possible from direct sunlight.