Fading Issues

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  1. Hey all, I searched in the maintenance thread, so please feel free to move this as needed mods.

    I'm looking to buy a mini city in the next few weeks in different brighter colors. I know there have been issues with the fading in years past, but how have they been holding up now these days? I have an Anthracite city from 2012 that hasn't faded.

    I'm scared to buy a red bag for fear of fading! Have they fixed this officially?
  2. In the past, the fading issues were always more apparent with the Blue and Purple colors. That being said, the treatment of the leather now is such that there is a fairly heavy coat (which makes them look 'shiny') that is supposed to protect the leather from fading.

    However, I see you live in California (as I do), and we both know that the sun is pretty strong out here. I have quite a few Red bags (it's my favorite color) and use them pretty frequently. I always make sure to place my bag on the passenger side floor (not on the seat) to minimize exposure to the sun. If outside, I will usually place the bag on my feet .. underneath the table, so that it doesn't get direct exposure to the sun.

    No bag, even other brands have 100% guarantee for not fading, so I just take the matter into my own hands by limiting the amount of time that the bag gets full sun exposure.

  3. I have Cigar Fonce which has the thick protective coat as described by CeeJay. Absolutely zero fading and I'm mostly in Singapore with lots of crazy sun.
  4. Thank you so much, I was just hoping to hear that it wasn't quite as big of an issue as the 2000's when I first started looking into the brand. It's refreshing to hear you have Red's that haven't had any significant issues.
  5. So great to hear. Thank you for your input!
  6. From my understanding, reds and most greens have been fine with little to no signs of fading. It's the blues and purples that have the most fading problems. I have a purple Work from 2007 (a year notorious for fading if I recall correctly) that has inconsistent fading (more so on the front than the back) but I actually like it. However I can totally understand why others would find the fading to be a problem, we spend so much on these bags and they should retain their beautiful colors!
  7. I love that you have so much knowledge on the years of the fading. I appreciate it!
  8. My blue parson city purchased in 2014 has held up well with with use. But i rotate my bags regularly and keep them stored in a humidity controlled environment when they're not in use. I don't see significant fading at this time. :smile: