Fading embossing on Empreinte leather


Oct 22, 2014
I've seen some gorgeous empreinte bags on the internet, including youtube and instagram, which inspired me to purchase my very first designer handbag. I fell in love with the luminous pm in empreinte leather. After watching you tubers go on and on about how durable this leather is and how well the embossing holds up, I had high hopes for this line. I heard the lumineuse was going to be discontinued. After dreaming about it the longest time, I finally went to the flagship Louis Vuitton boutique in Toronto in August 2014. They had one bag left in noire, so I purchased it. I didn't have much knowledge about LV bags to begin with - or any luxury bags for that matter.

I love this bag, but now I am disappointed in the leather's performance. I kinda feel feel ripped off. The embossing near the top has faded considerably, almost into nothing. Now that I examine the rest of the bag, it looks to be fading near the bottom of the front side as well as the sides of the bag. I see that the embossing on other newer empreinte bags in the store are deep in comparison to the one I had when it was new. The pictures which I see on purse forum of people who have used their empreinte bags for longer than I have also look to retain their embossing.

Anyway, I have read in the booklet that the embossing will soften over time, but I didn't expect that it would disappear so much. I called the 1-800 number and the lady I spoke to was a little rude and didn't seem to care that my product - that I paid nearly 3500 bucks for, is not holding up.

Some background: I have carried this bag for about 8 months straight now, have protected it from rain and snow, have not used any cleaners on it as I was told not to. I have not overloaded it either - expect one time back in June when I was flying.

Most likely it is too late to do anything about it. But gee, it really sucks that after spending so much money, the empreinte is fading. Attaching some pictures. Anyone else have this issue? Is there anything that can be done? Don't you wish they offer a re-imprinting service in the future for the little logos that fade?


Sep 20, 2015
For some reason the pics aren't showing up.

Sorry to hear about your bag. I'm also new to LV and I would be devastated if after 1 year my $3,500 bag was starting to turn to mush. I have Kenneth Cole leather bags that I've had for years and still carry.


Jun 5, 2015
I don't think that is acceptable for a bag you've had for such little time. I would take it into the store and talk to them about it. I recently had an issue with a speedy that I bought in February, and I was able to send it to the store I shop from and get store credit. But my SA is wonderful!!


Bear Cam Enthusiast
Oct 21, 2014
Take it to the store you bought it from and see what they say. Maybe they will give your credit or let your exchange. The embossing looks almost non existent and it should have held up longer than 8 months. I agree with the others about how beautiful the leather is as it ages, but the embossing should have held up longer, IMO...,