Fading cream suggestions?

  1. I have recently had a problem with acne for the 1st time in my life (I am 30) and it is leaving marks on my face. Does anyone have suggestions on creams or treaments to lighten the marks? Thanks.
  2. All I can think of is Mederma. If you can find anything else, please let me know! :smile:
  3. I've tried the Pro-activ fade cream and one by DHC but I can't say how well they worked b/c I am notoriously inconsistent.

    boy...that was a helpful post!
  4. look for fade creams with the ingredient "hydroquionne" ... its suppose to help fade scars and prevent them from getting darker ... you should also use sunscreen ... that'll help prevent it from getting darker too
  5. mario bedescu fading cream.
  6. I've read that if you use Neosporin during the healing process it is suppose to help prevent dark marks. I get them too, as I've gotten older it's taken a lot longer for the marks to go away. I recently started using Sheisedo White lucent after reading this thread:
    So far I've noticed that my skins tends to peel more often, which I think is normal with use of these types of products. Too soon yet to tell if it's helping.
  7. Neutrogena has a product for this. I haven't used it, but Neutrogena has pretty good products as far as drugstore products go.

    Here is the link for Acne Mark Fading Peel: Neutrogena® Advanced Solutions™ Acne Mark Fading Peel

    If you are just getting acne in your 30s, I would check with your dermatologist and see if you have Rosacea. I never had acne as a teen, but developed it in my late 20s. It was horrible--turned out to be Rosacea, and now at 42, it is in pretty good shape. After using antibiotics and metrogel to get rid of the initial outbreak, I went to Proactiv, which has been the best for my skin.
  8. Yes -- you can get hydroquionne in products by "Acne Free". They have a product for scars -- that's the one with the fading ingredient. It's only about $14 at Walmart:tup: