Fading black pants...

  1. My black pants are fading to the point to where my bf even commented on it. I love these pants..if I dye them with black dye will it return them to their natural dark state? It seems like it would but then why do you hear so many people complaining about their blacks fading if you could simply use black dye to make it right again.
  2. I have a few favorite items that I have learned to dye so they keep the "new" look and I have had no problems. Just make sure that you get good quality dye and follow the direction on the box. Remember when you go back to wash them for the first time after the dye, they are going to bleed a bit.

    Also, for dark colored clothing, have you tried the Cheer Dark? I find that it works nicely at keeping the color nicer longer than standard detergent.

    Atleast you can keep your pants for a bit longer, but this is probably not a forever trick.
  3. I use Woolite Dark along with the hand wash cycle in my washer. So far I have noticed less fading with my black clothing.
  4. I started doing that a little while ago and its working great for me. ^^^
  5. Hm Ive always used the dark wash stuff but I guess I wore these pants everywhere last summer and I not thinking as usual would hang them in the sun to dry many times and Im sure it didn't help in keeping them dark. Thanks for the input.
  6. i can't tell you how to fix your fading pants, but i always try to prevent fading from happening. i usually wash my clothes inside out, cold wash, in a wash bag. i also hang dry inside out away from the sun. i wash my clothes after every wear so i try to be extra careful with laundry.
  7. my best advice is to wash them in only cold water and use a product like zero dark wash to maintain the intensity of the black.