Faded Tess-Wow!

  1. I know some folks really like the faded look, and I still really like this bag, but I couldn't help noticing a few days ago how much "lighter" the leather appeared with some whitish spots. When I looked behind the leather flaps, i could see a very sharp color difference from the original color to a new evenly faded color on both sides. It's in the Sky color.

    I have used this bag for a couple of months -- not every day, maybe 10 times per month. The rest of the time, it's put away in a closet. I don't live in a sunny part of the country either! Pacific Northwest. This bag has not been outside more than traveling to and from work.

    Has anyone else had a problem with the lighter Kooba leathers really fading?
  2. Proves that the new Kooba leathers still have the problem of morphing into other shades. Kooba says that the new leathers aren't cheaper than the old leathers but none of the old Koobas did this sort of thing....and this has been happening on a regular basis to alot of their leathers since 2 years ago. They either fade, turn brown, or develop specks and black spots.
  3. I'm really ticked to hear this because I expect this to happen with my $189 Tano, but not my $600 Kooba. Needless to say, neither my Sienna nor my Jessie have faded at all, and those are from the good old days. I'm so sorry to hear about your fading issues with your Tess, absent.
  4. Wow that is really dramatic! I would post about this in the 'Ask Kooba' thread and see what they have to say about it. From my experience calling their customer service is a waste of time, they have no knowledge of the products at all other than to place an order, IMHO this is completely unacceptable.

    ps - my tano still looks good as new and it's been used in the sun, heavy downpours, etc for a couple years!
  5. Oh, man. That's awful. I'm so glad that when I ordered this bag it didn't work out. I actually just saw it yesterday on sale at Saks; it was scratched up and really stiff.
  6. My Slate Gretchen is inside it's white flannel sleeper and that is inside a newer brown sleeper. I had moved it out of a dark closet along with other bags inside a huge clear tote. It has begun to turn brown, I found this a few weeks ago. I was so sick about it I wrapped it back up and haven't looked at it since.