Faded Fashion:Trend Spotting

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    Sunglasses are the quintessential celebrity accessory. Whether it's to add that extra element of fashion or simply to hide bloodshot eyes from the night before, shades have been a quick fashion go-to since the day the original pararazzo decided to snap his first unsolicited shot.
    The latest trend donning the faces of Hollywood's hardest-partying starlets is white plastic frames. Paris Likes her Chloes. Nicole can't part with her Tsubis.

    If you wanna dress like the stars, may we suggest a sleeker (not to mention more affordable) pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs.


    What do you think ?
  2. I love Nicole's.
  3. I think the Marc Jacobs are really nice but the other one's on the girls are hideous..
  4. Not a fan of this look
  5. The white-rimmed sunglasses thing was around a lot in NYC last summer. It really didn't work on my face at all so I stuck with darker frames. I would rather be a little out of it and flatter my face than be trendy but look like a trendy assface. For those who can pull it off, I think its cute. I actually like the look best on people with darker complexions than the girls pictured here.
  6. agreed
  7. not a fan.
  8. I don't have a cute nose and this type of sunglasses point at it, they just look weird on most people.
  9. Just not a fan of white sunglasses. So not subtle. And I am all about subtle.
  10. i think lindsay looks the best because i like the contrast between the light colored frames with darker hair. and the marc jacobs ones are the cutest and most subtle anyways.
  11. They look soooo bad on me haha but they can be cute. I actually like them on Paris best...Britney looks so clueless and misguided.
  12. Oh look! Here's some more!

    Chloe Sevigny:

    Gwen Stefani:

    The Fly:
  13. I don't like wearing sunglasses in general, but I definetly wouldn't wear the huge sunglasses that take up half your face. I think the white is fun, but maybe not so large.
  14. I so don't like any of those white sunglasses on the celebs at all. The MJs look the best but not a fan of white rims!
  15. i think only gwen and paris pulled it off, because the frame suits their face.