faded clothes

  1. I need some advice. I try to dryclean most of my clothes so they stay looking new however, I have a few sweaters & cotton pants (either khakis, black satin finish dress pants etc). Well, they look a little faded (nothing horrible) but I notice it. I feel that clothes are a reflection of you so if your clothes looked faded and "tired", so will you.
    Do you guys keep them or get rid of perfectly good clothes even if they are faded?

  2. For me... washing your clothes using a washing machine always, makes the clothes faded and thin... I used only a hand wash with my sweaters and other my favorite clothes... luckily faded clothes are in...
  3. I hate faded black!. So I wait to have a few items and wash them together in a cold short machine program. And when it is too faded, I re-dye the item. Have done so with cotton trousers and Lacoste t-shirts, with AMAZING results.
  4. I forgot to add, Fashion16 that I never dry clean anything (except coats, of course). Dry cleaning can end up damaging your clothes, much more than washing at home.
  5. I dry clean almost all my clothes too b/c, like you, I don't like fading. I also like the way the cleaners presses everything to perfection.

    I also agree that clothes and their presentation are a reflection of you. Some of us care tremendously and others give themselves more leeway.

    When I have faded clothes, I relegate them to my "chores/around the house" wardrobe.
  6. Hand wash + woolite. I started doing this a little while ago even with already faded shirts and they look darker now. I dont know if this is possible but they look newer now.
  7. I re-dye my faded black clothes with a cold water dye... but it only works on cotton!!!
    but it's a really cheap way of refreshing faded clothes!!