Faded Brick Stella - will this sell right now?

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  1. I'm going to list my Faded Brick Stella on ebay - is now a good time? It's in great condition.
  2. this is one of the harder to find colors so as long as it's in reasonable codition it should sell for at least $350 IMO. It really all depends on the condition :smile:
  3. I agree with HC... it's a are color, and if it's in good condition you can expect to get $350 or maybe more... Stellas generally sell well on ebay, compared to Sophia and MP.
  4. Just a reminder that the PF is not to be used to solicit sales...!!
  5. Jill - I'm not trying that at all. I was just wondering if now would be a good time to sell or not. I was hoping for more than $350, so maybe I'll just hold on to her. thanks.
  6. I would list it, but put a reserve on it. Of course you have better chances of selling around the Christmas season... especially if the bag is in excellent condition.
    I've seen stellas go anywhere from upper 200's to 500's for like a unique color or an LE.
  7. The last Faded Brick NEW STELLA went for $499.
    eBay: NWT MARC JACOBS Stella Bag Handbag Faded Brick (item 190045242211 end time Oct-27-06 06:51:28 PDT)

    Maroon NEW STELLA went for $700+.
    eBay: Auth Marc Jacobs New Stella leather bag $975 NWT Maroon (item 250039169652 end time Oct-21-06 18:34:42 PDT)
    Used Sap Green NEW STELLA sold for $666.
    eBay: Auth Marc Jacobs sap green leather Stella bag purse NR (item 140041649197 end time Oct-19-06 19:58:31 PDT)

    It really depends on the color, condition, and timing. First generation Stella has higher resale value, it's more in-demand.
  8. It's too sad that the price gets driven down because ebay is just flooded with fakes.

  9. no doubt! fakers suck!:cursing:
  10. Speaking of red Stella bags, can someone tell me which year the pomegranate red Stella was made with the brown twill lining? Was it 2004? Thanks.
  11. Pomegranate's a gorgeous red (dark & deep) -- one of the best reds from MJ. I think it's from late 2003. IIRC, Ferrari Red (pink suede lining) is from Spring 2004 and Tomato (light tan suede lining) is from Resort 2004. Barn Red (from Fall 2004) doesn't count since it's not within SOFT CALF CLASSIC line, unless I overlooked it.

    Will post if I find out for sure. Maybe other members might know too.
  12. For most styles from 2004 and after, the style number (printed on the original MJ paper tag) shows the exact release year/season.

    C --> C for Collections (Marc Jacobs), M for Marc (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
    3 --> 3 for Bags
    Y --> YEAR (last number in 200x)
    S --> SEASON (1-Spring, 2-Fall, 3-Resort)
    x --> STYLE NUMBER (unique) - last 3 numbers
    x --> ^^ style number is the same for items in different colors
    x --> ^^

    For example, a Collections Spring 2007 Bags item's style number starts with C371xxx.
  13. For older styles which didn't follow this style number convention, I'm trying to decode them still. I'm not exactly sure yet.
  14. I just checked my list of colors, Pomengranate is definitely not from 2004. It's from 2003. =)
  15. Burgundy is from Fall 2004.