Faded aluminum vs Newspaper....

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  1. Sorry-I meant Newsprint not Newspaper!!!!:lol:

    IF you have seen both of these in person...is there a big difference between the two? Do you prefer one over the other? I am new to MBMJ and it is hard to tell just from the pics.

  2. Hi ilovehandbags! Welcome to MJ!

    Faded Aluminum is a classic grey with a charcoal undertone.
    Newsprint is a dark grey with olive green undertones.

    Both colors have been EXTREMELY popular. I personally prefer Faded Aluminum - let us know what you decide on!

  3. Thanks so much...that is the perfect description. It sounds like I would like the faded aluminum better...but I have not found it available - is that the season before maybe?

    I just ordered a hillier hobo in the newsprint. I guess I will just have
    to wait until it comes to see if I like it. I am trying to branch out
    from black :nuts:
  4. OOhh congratulations on your Hillier! Is this your first MbMJ bag?

    Faded Aluminum was from Fall/Winter '09 and sold out pretty quickly. There are some places that you might still be able to find one but I am not familiar with anywhere momentarily. Maybe some of the other girls will chime in if they have seen one. I think you'll like the newsprint - its such a cool color!
  5. I've just received the Baby Aidan in Newsprint and I have to say, it is far more "olive" than I was expecting it to be. When I look at it, I see a green bag with a gray undertone, rather than a gray bag with a green undertone....if that makes sense. It's actually a really beautiful neutral, and I think it'll work great with my wardrobe. That said, now I'm wishing I could see the faded aluminum in person, just for the sake of curiosity. Judging by the descriptions I've read on here, the pics on the retail sites aren't really doing either color justice.
  6. Newsprint has shown up differently on different lines/leathers.

    Jenna is totally right about the Q line newsprints being more olive with grey than grey with olive.

    I think personally the faded aluminum is more neutral, but I truly love both colours.

    And yay on your hillier purchase. Expect it to be an olive when it comes.
  7. You decribed it perfectly! & Im with you on faded aluminum
    Welcome to the world of MJ ilovehandbags!
  8. If I had to choose one, I'd pick newsprint. :yes: Faded aluminum is a lighter grey with lilac undertones, and I'm not a huge fan of purple. Newsprint, on the other hand, is a much nicer, darker grey, but it does have quite a bit of olive green in it. Personally, I wish they were true grays, but what can you do? :P
  9. oh...i am not as excited now :wondering I am not an olive person...more charcoal/neutral is what I was thinking from the pic. Oh well...just have to wait and see. Here is a pic of the faded aluminum that I just saw today and I was hoping newsprint would be the same. This is on ebay but is used and missing the long strap.

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  10. ^ Between the Classic Q and PTTM versions of newsprint, newsprint has noticeably much more green. If you don't like olive, I wouldn't suggest newsprint. :nogood: And faded aluminum is a bit lighter than it shows in that picture.
  11. huh...good to know. See what happens when I try to branch out from black :nuts: Maybe I should just get a black one?? HELP:confused1:

    And, yes this is my first MJ bag so I want to be totally loving it!!