Fad Follower

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  1. I can safely say I am not one to follow fads,I like to believe that I have defined my own sense of style. I do look at the latest trends but I dont buy it because the adertisements say so.
    How about you ? Are you a fad follower ? Define your style.
  2. I buy what I like and what looks good on me. I don't necessarily follow trends. I'm petite so I can't always wear what's IN. Also, I live in New York and here anything goes, so it is very easy to be yourself and create your own unique style.;)
  3. I am not a trend follower...comfort is my #1 priority (yikes, does that make me sound old, lol). I wear mostly stretch jeans with a lower rise, but not the kind I can't sit down in. Once I find a top I like, I tend to buy several. I think I'm more "classic"...
  4. No, LOL! I'm a suburban stay at home Mom! I live in an affluent area, but the Moms here carry Classic bags etc . . . not so much trendy.
    Except for their clothing, the Moms out here are so hip w/ their clothing choices!
  5. I do this too, some of my shirts of I have 4-5 different colors in! LOL!
  6. I don't follow the trends because I found the style that suits me baest (classical/sportive). When i'm out with my kid I wear bootcut jeans, top and sneakers. On my job I like to wear suits or nice pants with a cashmir sweater.
  7. I tend to stay away from trends. If I find something I really like I buy it. Never been much of a trend follower. It seems like one minute something is hot and the next minute its out.
  8. I don't think anyone would want to say they were a follower....
  9. I think in a way, all people follow "fads". I mean, we've all watched at least one tv show, one movie, seen one magazine, and we all have internet here. Every day, you see "strangers" doing and wearing things different than you. Whether it be a celeb or someone walking down the street. This can inspire you to dress that way. Or blend some of that into your style. I mean no one is totally original. We see things and get inspiration. I know, I take my own style from the things I like and the things I see others wearing that seem stylish or classic. I hope that made sense.
  10. i'm in college, so i'm naturally going to be more trendy than someone that is a mom or works at a serious job, and i follow trends to a certain extent. i don't spend a lot of money on it, but if i see people wearing something that looks cute, i have no problem pursuing the same look. the way people dress around here is trendy, so what can ya do?
  11. i wear what i like...and sometimes it follows a trend but i'm not as extreme as some people i know. there are some girls at school that try to do everything. now it's the let's all wear spandex/leggings under our skirts...but some of them wear like long leggings/spandex and it looks horrible. at least learn how to do it right! haha sorry for the mini rant!

    in conclusion: i like trendy things but won't spend a lot on something unless i REALLY love it!
  12. I read the style mags and try to keep up with what's going on in fashion. However I always buy what looks good on my body and I will not buy a color or particular trend that I don't like - I dislike turquoise (anything) and metallic or fur bags are out - so I guess I'm an opinionated fashionista.
  13. I buy and wear what I like. I do check with BF if it matches cause I'm a little off in that aspect sometimes.