Factory PCE on the 16th

  1. So I called my SA and asked about pre-sale for PCE, she said it's for the factory customers only. It will start on the 16th and they are running pre-sale on that.

    Here is my dilemma, I buy at both. Factory (all my alis's) and retail stores.

    I want to get both PCE's so I'm going to call my outlet and see if they can add me.

    Just wanted to let you girls know.
  2. I don't understand. Is this a PCE for the outlets? How can you get it? If I go to the outlet on the 16th can I ask for the discount?
  3. I'm curious about this, too. I only shop outlets and wonder if there is an easy way to get myself added for their PCE.
  4. So this PCE that starts on teh 16th is ONLY outlets?

    WTH are they doing!

    So the real PCE will probably be in March for the stores.
  5. It is not for the outlets, it is for retail stores, but perhaps the OP meant it was targeted towards outlet customers?
  6. I think so!!!:yes:

  7. Ah I see.

    Well you never know because they did it before...
  8. They do give PCE to shop at outlets? wow I didn't know that.. :shame:
  9. No...they send PCE cards to customers that shop at COACH outlets to encourage them to come at shop at the retail boutique (with 25% off)
  10. oh, they did this in November, before the December PCE. so this isn't the actual PCE for march? it's in addition to?? gosh, i hope so!
  11. OK wait... hold the phone LOL... ok confusion even more when everyone is going back and forth... so when is the actual PCE? in march or?
  12. This is probably the special PCE like they did in the fall, where they sent coupons to customer that primarily shop at COACH outlets and they encourage them to come to RETAIL BOUTIQUE stores. They will give them the 25% off.
    (Last year they did the same sale in between the fall and Christmas PCE for regular boutique shoppers.)
  13. That makes sense!!:yes:
  14. Ah ha! ok... gotcha!
  15. I just called my SA and got the same answer - it's being targeted toward another group... so I won't be getting one :sad: