factory girl : warhol fans, like it or hate it?

  1. i don't study about andy warhol, but if any of you are his or edie's fans.
    is this movie picturing the real truth?
  2. It's supposed too, but I haven't seen the movie yet.
  3. Anyone has seen it ???
  4. I don't think it is out yet.
  5. i've seen it, and actually not really liking it...
    i think edie is a very pretty an cute girl, and sienna is def. not one :p
  6. Oh really ??? but you agree she was a better choice than Katie Holmes ?? can't even believe they thought of her she's a giant with no charisma !!!

  7. oh yes, i think sienna's better choice than katie :roflmfao:
    but when i saw edie, i see a naive, confused, spectacular girl at the same time.
    adn naiveness is def. not sienna's best :p

    and actually i kinda feel so sad for edie and made me kinda disrespect warhol in a way which is not good for me, because i like his art.

    i never read the true story about the relationship between edie and andy so i can't really judge this movie based on what i happen to receive after seeing factory girl.
  8. Oh, I disagree, Katie can actually act and would have been a million times better.
  9. i agree with twinkle.tink, katie sure can act!
    but i don't think she resembles the petite edie :smile:
  10. I have seen the movie and i have to say that even though it wasnt the best it sure wasnt bad.Sienna Miller simply blew me away.I never saw her act before and all i can say is that she is very talented.She is the only god thing in this movie her acting is excellent!
    She captured Edie very,very well!
  11. I just saw this movie too!! I thought this movie was okay at the begining/middle but got better towards the end- when the drama hit!! I never really knew the story between Edie and Andy. I just left the theatre in shock and thought Andy was a loser and he could've saved Edie. I love movies that make you think after you leave the theatre.