Factory Delete Claire! For 200 bucks!

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  1. Today my DH and I went to the Coach Factory Outlet at Woodbury Commons to exchange my Medium MFF Zoe for another bag. I ended up getting a Black Claire Siggy FP delete that was 30 percent off with another 20 percent off due to special sale they are having (I was given a 20 percent off coupon at the door good for today only)! I got the Claire for 50 percent off!!! I will post pictures soon. The only minor disapointment is that I noticed she is missing ONE of the tags she originally came with (the very small metalic tag) other than that she is in great condition.
  2. Congrat's... I love this 30% and another 20% off sale....But then again I don't,lol......:biggrin:
  3. I had no idea this sale was even going on, I just got the bag didn't like the length of the strap or the size so I decided to exchange it. When the SA handed me a additional 20 percent off coupon at the door I about fell over. My husband was very happy because that means less money for him! All in all it was a nice trip and I am glad I was able to find something I liked better. Tomorrow when it is light out I will take some good pictures and post them for you ladies.
  4. Yay~awesome deal! I have Claire in black leather and she's awesome! You'll love yours! Congrats!
  5. I forgot to mention, you can call Coach and they may be able to send you the missing handtag....Congrat's again on a Great deal, enjoy...
  6. I'm so happy for you ... my mom on the other hand would have been like, "oh, no" had she gone with me and @ the door I was handed a coupon, lol

    Claire is beginning to be one of my favorites :smile:
  7. That's a great idea! I am going to shoot them an email now. Thank you!
  8. so you got 30% off then 20% off then the coupon for 20% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wowza I want one
  9. you got a great deal !!
  10. Nice score, enjoy!
  11. I am a Coach newbie and am going to Woodbury Commons this weekend. Do any of the factory outlet stores have patchwork bags anymore? Regardless, I can't wait to go!
  12. I did not notice any but I wasn't exactly looking either. I saw several Spotlight totes from Poppy in black, brown, and purple. A scarce few Poppy Glam totes. A few Poppy book totes (I forget the actual name) they are like the spotlights, same sateen fabric only a rectangle shaped tote. I saw a few Patent leather Audreys or Sabrinas (not sure which) in a teal green color, one Audrey in a periwinkle blueish color. Zoes in white and Yellow in the large size and a few blacks siggy in the medium size. A nice selection of MFF stuff to several hobos I liked. I cant really remember anything else but there was a decent selection
  13. Working on uploading some pics :biggrin:
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    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Ok some pics since I am not really a reveal person. Sorry they are kinda crappy the lighting is not great in here and the flash sorta washes out the color. In real life the C's are actually the same color as the bag, but in the pictures they appear somewhat lighter.

    The outside, again sorry for the crappy pictures...

    The logo

    Inside Pics...the bag is huge I can fit EVERYTHING in it with room to spare!


    This is the actual bag on Coach that will show the black a bit better:

    I have emailed Coach as one member suggested so I can get the replacement silver hand tag.
  15. Thanks for the info Wyllowdaemon. I love the gorgeous bag you got! There is a Coach Factory outlet in Lake George, near where I live, but I've heard the WC outlet is much larger. I can't wait and will report what I end up buying.