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  1. Is it true that the Monogram Canvas and Damier Canvas is made of Vinyl? That makes me wonder what about the other canvas and leather, maybe LV isn't using top quality... It makes me feel that I'm spending so much on something made of Vinyl. I love LV, but is this true? :shrugs:
  2. no, honey, it's canvas, hence the name :lol:
  3. It's canvas like Yeuxhonnetes said.
  4. the damier and mono canvas is a vinyl coated canvas materal. i think it has better upkeep than leather. the vinyl polymer makes it waterproof which gives its "slippery" feel

    bmw has the option of leatherette which looks exactly like leather but is actually vinyl on my 545i and this has held up better than the montana leather (real leather) on my x5
  5. As I've said before, leather is overrated. There are quite a few canvas LV pieces that have lasted a hundred years or more. It's tough, it's waterproof, it's lightweight, and it lasts.
  6. Agreed :yes:

  7. I couldn't say it better myself :smile:
  8. i have so heard that louis vuitton bags are actually made from cheap leather...but IMO i still love them
  9. who cares... IT'S STILL HOT!
  10. They're durable and they LAST.
    For the money I think that there's true value in owning anything in mono canvas.
    Just look at those 30 year old Speedies that are still selling on ebay for $300!
Thread Status:
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