Facials.. Q&A

  1. Hi ladies,

    do any of you have regular facials appointments? I am only 23 and I just started really enjoying having facial~ My skin glows after I come out of the salon :amuse:

    Do you have any insider tips on facials? What is the price range, the frequency you go, and any place you recommend? (I'll keep it in my little book for future traveling tips:graucho: )

    I live in Bay Area and just got a gift certificate so I am going to Burke & William @ Santana Row tomorrow! I'm soo excited! :love:
  2. When I went to LA I tried Bliss Spa for the first time and I loved it. I got a great facial and massage. The facial was about $125. Locally in the my area I use to go once a month but I kind of stopped going. At that time it was about 40 for an hour. You are right when you leave your skin has the really clean feel to it plus the glow.
  3. Before I had my son, I went once a month for facials. Now I don't have the time anymore. I just stick to my bi-monthly pedis & manis.

    Not sure what you mean about tips? But, be sure you drink your daily 8 glasses of water. That works miracles with your skin. :smile: Also, I suggest not washing your face afterwards & letting the cream/oil absorb.
  4. I'm a facial fanatic. I go once a month and it helps keep my skin clear. I've gone to bliss once as well, but I'm not a big fan since something I used from them burned my skin. My regular esthetician, Polina, at Elizabeth Arden had her work cut out for her that time.

    I highly reccommend them to anyone. The rule of thumb is each time the season changes, you should get a facial. So at least 4 times a year.
  5. I have been getting facials since I was 20, and I'm happy to say that it's done wonders for my skin, I definitely look younger than my age (37)! I used to go to a place in SF that but since I moved to the 'burbs I don't go anymore. I found a lady nearby who not only does facials but massages! Her prices are very reasonable so I get both done every time I go....I just went yesterday and it was so relaxing.
  6. I had one once, it was a rather miserable experience. The steamer kept spitting hot hot water on my face, I could have clobbered the woman.

    Now I just go to Sephora and buy lots of happy tubes and tubs of stuff, and try different things. I have lots more fun. I :love: Sephora.
  7. I've found that my face looks fantastic with bimonthly facials. I alternate between the acne/deep cleansing and glycolic. They're around 80 or 90 I think? I haven't had one since I've moved up here and it shows in my icky face. I used to go to Primo Day Spas in San Diego(the one near Fashion Valley). Everywhere else I'd breakout after my facial, but at Primo, they used a Tesla Current afterwards that killed all the bacteria and prevented me from breaking out.
  8. I go every 6-8 wks and it does wonders for my skin. I break out less and skin is so smooth. Price ranges from $65 to $100 just depending if it's a deep cleaning or just a mini facial. And yes, I get a little neck massage also....ah, feels so good. The esthetician I go to is located inside a plastic surgeon's office. (No,I don't do plastic surgery just the facials):biggrin:
  9. I've only used to get facials once a year when I went on vacations... for fun!

    Now that I'm heading into late twenties I can see the difference in my skin.. the dullness, sudden development of acne, breakouts, blackheads.. so I asked around the DC metro area to find the perfect one for me:

    The best is to find an esthetician who is honest, does not try to sell their products, and really works only to make your skin better... Best is by referrals..

    Because I'm still relatively young, I don't really need special anti-wrinkle, collage facials, or harsh ones.. I currently get the acne facial bi weekly (I've had 3 so far) and then I'll space them out to once a month.

    The price is $75 for 90 minute facial and I love my estetician. I get a package and is slightly cheaper.. it's $210 for 3 sessions.

    I think the key to seeing results is to do a longer 90 min. facial.. which also mean the stuff is on your face longer allowing it to get absorbed more while you're doing the pack..I can't help but fall asleep and take a nap during my facial.

    Also find someone who is meticulous about cleaning/extracting your pores...even cleaning out the pores that "will" clogg up in the near future.

    I don't know how I lived without a facial before. It really does help with maintaining youthful skin.
  10. i only go to facials sporadically.... i have mild acne... and in the past the ones that really gotten rid of blackheads were the "torture" facials... this place is chinese owned, so im not sure if it's jsut chinese ladies that like to torture ppl, but man she gets every single black head and i'd be tearing up and dreading to go back!!! Skin turns out good afterwards...but im so chicken of the pain! now am i the only one??? or is facial supposed to be peaceful and relaxinggggg
    and i hate it when they try to push u to buy their products.....
    anyone recommend any facial place in LA? I want to try sonya dakar but their facial is quite pricy! $220
  11. I definitely would recommend facials too. Mine run about $140 per session. It's usually two hours long, I typically fall asleep during the process and towards the end, I am ready to leap out of that chair and start running. I get microdermabrasion and light therapy, plus massage and all that. It's done wonders for my skin. My facialist doesn't speak a whole lot of English, but she is absolutely the best facialist I've ever been to.
  12. LOL! When my esthetician was out on vacay, they had a lovely sweet Chinese woman fill in. She was brutal during the extractions--oh my gosh!!! it was by far one of the most painful ordeals in my life--ever. I am not exaggerating. She did not have a light hand and it felt like she was digging into every single pore on my face. I was red and scary looking afterwards, but my face looked good the next day and skin just kept getting better and better looking after that. I was too much of a pansy to go back to her and I went back to my regular esthetician, but my skin has never looked as good as it did when I went to the torture lady.
  13. You mean Burke Williams spa, right? I love it there, it's so peaceful and they treat their customers so well. You'll love it! You get to hang out in their spa and steamrooms after or before too, it's great!
  14. i have gotten monthly facials for years. they are the best thing i do for my (oily and now somewhat aging) skin, for sure! i definitely have become a connoisseur of facials, as i move frequently so have had to find lots of new facialists. what i've learned:
    - i hate going to places like Georgette Klinger where they nickel-and-dime you to death for every added treatment and try to sell you on things that really don't help you, like collagen masks,
    - often Romanian, Russian, Hungarian, etc. facialists are really good because they give really good training in those countries, (but having said that, my current facialist is an American and she is fantastic - so it depends on the individual)
    - i hate going to places where it's all about the application of products - you can do that for yourself! to me, it's all about great (thorough but not wounding) extraction, facial massage, lymphatic drainage.
    - i am totally NOT into a 'relaxing' facial. no pain, no gain! :yes: :yes:
  15. WOW guys thanks for all of your imputs..You gave me many ideas of the kind of facials I want to try in the future.. :graucho:

    My trip to Burke Williams was worth the while. Like xikry5talix said, we stayed to use the facility for the half the afternoon after our session. It was really fun to hang out if you go with friends and stuff.

    The estheticians that helped us was very professional and very nice, but we felt mistreated when we were checking out with the counter staff. Not only they entered the wrong pricing and expected us to pay extra $100/person, she also rolled her eyes at us for her mistake :censor:

    Over all, it was still a nice experience and I would definitely start doing facials more frequently. Since I am still young and I do masks at home weekly, I'll just try to make facial appointments maybe bi-monthly..