Facials. + other Spa Treatments.

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  1. Do you ladies indulge in Spa Treatments? I've only been to a day spa once in my life- I went this this really amazing one on newbury street in Boston ( it was an excellent day spa!) My friend and I went there for loooovely hour long massages, facials, and little manis. I remember the massage being completely worth it- same goes for the gorgeous shower area they had. I don't remember anything spectacular about the facial though.

    I have a question about Facials for any of you who get them. Are they worth it, what kind do you get, and have you seen an improvement in your skin since having them? I tend to look a little obsessivley at my pores, and I wonder if having a nice cleansing facial ( where they get rid of icky impurities) would be worth it! I used to know this girl with flawless skin, and she thanked her frequent facials for it.

    Any other Spa related discussion is encouraged! :-P

    PS. I reccomend a massage to ANYONE who is stressed out. Seriously. I did this like, two years ago and I still remember how amazing I felt!!! It was an hour long, full body, swedish massage. :smile:
  2. I've been wanting to get a facial for the longest time, just to see how it feels, but haven't gotten the chance.
  3. for my fourteenth birthday party in ninth grade, i actually did a spa day for like 8 of my friends. but i have been to spas a few times, and especially enjoy massages, which is what i get most often. i don't really like facials because they are painful and uncomfortable. i used to get them weekly, but i just couldn't take it anymore.
  4. I indulge in Spa treatments sometimes. I love getting a full body hot stone massage.It's very relaxing. Wish I could do it more often.
  5. Oh great thread! I love day spas, although I don't have the luxury to go to them as often as I'd like. When I do go, I usually make it an All day event. It's a GREAT stress reliever.

    I agree that a massage is worth every penny you pay for! I usually come out so refreshed that I feel like a new human being! :lol:

    I used to have a monthly routine to a Facial place - but not anymore! (no time!) I'm not sure if it drastically improved my skin in the long run, but my skin usually feels replenished after the facial. :biggrin:
  6. Going to a spa is in the top 10 of things I most enjoy - I don't do facials - I do fine with my skin and had one once that didn't impress me - but oh those swedish masages, hot stone massages, salt scrub and vischy shower afterward - oh heaven!!!! I also enjoy pedicures and manicures - what luxury - can't do massages as often as I'd like - they are about $90 where I live and that's an expensive habit!.
  7. I get a facial every 2 months, from Karen...I've been going to her for about 5 years now. She specializes in skincare/facials only, if you prefer a massage there is someone there that specializes in that and so on. I was reccommend to her by one of my bestfriends, because I wanted REAL results...after going to her the first time I saw dramatic inprovements (smaller pores, stress acne disappeared, freckles dimishing, etc.) Now, I wear tinted foundation, maybe some light powder to set, that's it! ( I use to use heavy foundation, concealer and then top it off with heavy powder...:sick: , I hated it).
    It really makes a difference if you get your facials from a highly qualified esthetician and it shouldn't be uncomfortable and painful either....because this is your face, you really need to find the best esthetician....and unfortunately it's unlikely you'll find one in a day spa.
  8. I go to the spa every other month, but wish I could afford to go every month. I can tell a big difference in my skin. I get a deep pore cleansing facial and have my lashes tinted. I don't go for a message as that seems too frivolous. I have gone in before a trip or special occasion and had the body bronzing done, it was worth it. It is also where I buy all of my skin (facial) care products. I always feel so pampered and relaxed when I go.
  9. I love going for facials. I just went recently- hadn't been in awhile- and was told my skin was way dehydrated. I hadn't switched my summer products to winter(creamy)ones, and she was right. I switched and my skin looks so much beter already.
    the experience itself is so relaxing, and make you feel like you are the most important person in the world(if you have a good aesthetician.)
  10. I've only had a facial once, when my mom and I did a mother-daughter weekend at the Breakers Palm Beach. for my college graduation gift. I broke out the next day :suspiciou I have super sensitive skin. But, I did get a full body citrus scrub that was amazing :love: It felt so good, and my skin was glowing for a week!

    The only beauty treatments I get regularly are manicures and pedicures (every two weeks) and I get my brows waxed twice a month, too (but that's a necessity! :P ).
  11. I do facials, massages and pedicures. I have had chemical peels in the past but think they are a bit extreme. I used to live at the spa. I have slowed down quite a bit. However, I use Dr. Murad facial products and am going to visit a spa that specializes in his facial treatments soon.
  12. Where would you suggest looking for one? :smile: I want a nice facial!
  13. I get facials and full body massages once a month. Worth every penny.
  14. i got a facial, massage, and mani-pedi at a really great local spa last week because my boyfriend bought me a gift certificate to go there for my birthday a little while back. i must say, it was FAB. i could have laid there and been massaged for hours. the girl that did the facial gave me some good skin advice and recommended a product that is already starting to help the problem blackheads on my nose. the mani-pedi was also the best i ever had, i get them regularly at a strip-mall nail salon during the spring and summer but this place was a lot nicer and the mani in particular has lasted 5 days without chipping - practically a miracle since my job requires a decent bit of manual labor.

    i'd definately go back, although i think i'd try a different kind of facial with the same girl. i originally wanted a pore cleansing facial, but she said that it wouldn't be good for my skin type, and now that i think about it, she's probably right. my boyfriend even commented that my skin looked quite clear afterwards, and if she can get him to notice the difference, i'm impressed, lol.
  15. I've never been to a spa before. I have some at home spa kits that I do for myself - not the same, I'm sure.