Facials-is this normal?

  1. I got a facial today at a new place....

    the lady did a few extractions...and it hurt like a b!tch, like pushing so hard it almost felt like getting punched in the face, is that normal?

    P.S. I'm a newbie here so hello!
  2. Hi and welcome. I know exactly what you are going through. I had a facial on Thursday at a new place with this woman who was quite sadistic! The woman used one of those tools to extract my pores. She even scraped my nose with the thing! I had tears in my eyes. Plus now, I have a few scabs where she went really deep. I am just hoping it doesn't scar. I will never go back there again, nor will I wait so long between facials. I had to put concealer on for the first time in like 6 months. I actually ran out to get some acne medication because of it. My skin hasn't looked this bad since I was 15.
  3. Hello and welcome!

    I would say not normal. I was told that if it doesn't want to come out easily, don't bother it...just give it time to continue with the different stages and soon enough it will come out a lot easier.
  4. yes its normal. I no longer get facials because of this and my skin actually looks better now with the home regiment I use. The less crap on your face and the less touching, irritation to it, the better IMO.
  5. i'm a licensed cosmetologist -- and although it is normal to do extractions when you're getting a facial .. it isn't normal for someone to be so rough.

    you just have to find the right person that works best for you! :smile:
  6. yeah it can be normal. are you on your period or is it the week before or after you get it? usually your skin is more sensitive to pain around those days
  7. Extractions are actually my favorite part of a facial.:confused1:

    I used to get facials and have scabs afterwards. I thought it was what was supposed to happen until I started going to my currently facialist. I swear I love this lady. She can dig and dig and dig and no scabs or scars. I asked her about it ,she said it was all in the technique. She has been doing them for over 30 years so by now she knows what she's doing!

    You should most def try someone else. Ask around, get recommendations from other ladies in your city.
  8. Me too! I feel so deep-down clean and I don't mind the little pinches at all.