Facials..a waste or blessing?

  1. I've signed up for a facial package in hopes that my skin will become as flawless as a newborn's. But personally I have found that my skin isn't improving and my spa keeps pushing new products. My mother swears my skin looks great afterwards, but she's just one opinion.

    Plus we all know its not so comfortable, and borderline painful to get those blackheads!

    So what's the consensus...am i wasting my bag cash?

    What are the other options?
  2. I think facials are great for deep cleansing, but I hate when they push products on me. Everytime I used to go to a new spa, I'd come home with loads of new products that only made everything worse. Now I stick to what I know works and get a facial every couple of months (I have a series as well). In between, I use the L'oreal microdermabrasion home product and some Bliss seaweed masks which really improve my skin day to day and hold me out until my next facial. I'm sure if I were a model or celebrity that could get weekly facials, my face would be pristine, but that's not happening anytime soon.
  3. the one time i got a facial, i didn't notice any positive difference in my skin - i think i had more blemishes as a result of the stress on my skin! my facialist did recommend a product that i still use to this day, though, so that's something.
  4. Personally? I think they are a waste of money for the reason you are getting them. They are fine if you just want to be pampered but not if you are trying to improve your skin. I dont know what you are trying to improve but I would look into a glycolic peel or microdermabrasion preferably done at a dermatologists office.
  5. My friend gets one a week and she looks great, but it might just be luck and she may have had a peel or two as well. I use pore strips, peel-off gel masks and Retin-Ox and I think my skin looks okay.

  6. I had one done the week of my sister's wedding. I thought it would be nice and get out all my blackheads etc etc. Normally my skin is very clear so afterward I didn't notice any real difference. It just felt like the facialist was rubbing all sorts of lotions on me.
  7. I love facials! My skin always looks fantastic afterwards- I wish I could get them more often. Not only cleansing, but relaxing to the mind as well.
  8. I love facials. I get them done once a month and they do help keep my skin well conditioned. It's the same thing with my eyebrows, my esthetician does them once a month and I keep them up for a month until I just can't do it anymore. It's refreshing.
  9. A total waste in my opinion.
  10. i think u can only see a difference if u go there at least once a month or more.
  11. Couldn't agree more! :yes:
  12. My post will be really long because I'm a living example of what a facial can do to your skin.

    In my personal experience, facials, depending on where you get them, and which one you get, can do wonders for your skin or cause severe breakouts.
    Generally speaking, it takes more than 1 or 2 sessions to make your face flawless.

    With any new treatment many people see breakouts and adverse effects the first session. It could be because they are allergic to certain ingredients, or the facialist didn't use sterile equipments/hands, or their skin is reacting to stimuli.

    Getting a once in a blue moon facial on your vacation is not really going to give you wonder results. It may give you temporary glowing skin by peeling off dead skin cells, it may give you breakouts.

    The main reason facials benefit ppl is the deep cleaning effect that you simply can't achieve at home by yourself. So.. it's an accumulating effect.
    You clean your pores out, control oil production with the right product, and go back to keep your pores from clogging up too much...

    Since I hit my mid twenties my skin changed drastically. I thought I had developed dry skin, and purchased/put on all the serious moisturizing products, but I was getting tiny pimples all over my face, leaving behind dark spots and red scars..

    My current aestetician would not do any of the fancy facials on me. She said it was a waste of money and getting it done once or twice would not benefit my skin in anyway. She only gives me the basic acne facial because my skin is sensitive and still young, very good extraction, which is $70 for 90 minutes. Once she said she was going to give me some vitamine C boost and that was it. She also mentioned that some ppl react to vitamin C when they put it on for the first time.

    She recommended one cleanser and toner product because she said they are the most important. Later on, after seeing drastic improvement on my skin after 4 biweekly facials, I purchased a moisturizer too. I get no acne, no pimples, no nothing.. just clean smooth skin that is so oil free but never dry!!

    How did I find her? by word of mouth. I tried Elizabeth Arden, some medispas in DC, without much improvement.

    Key point is: you need to find a good trained aestetician that is meticulous and give yourself several sessions rather than expect a miracle on your first time. Also, if you don't intend to keep up, your face will return to how it was before unless you change your diet, lifestyle etc.
  13. I have had a couple of facials, given to me as gifts, and my experience is that it really doesn't do anything special for my skin. It's relaxing (sort of) to sit through, but aside from that there was no huge benefit. I find that home products can work just as well as, if not better than, the facials. For an at home "peel" I use Philosophy's "The Great One" which leaves my face looking fabulous. I have also tried the Origins rice scrub and I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the "renew and firm" formula at least once a day.
  14. i think it is a waste. i dont even find it that relaxing
  15. I get one done every 4 months, the last place I tried was HORRIBLE so painful. I had to stay home for 3 days afterwards my face was red and bruised.

    And I didn't see a change