Facial width/ratios in FC


May 12, 2013
I’ve been researching FC procedures for some time now and I think I must have read at least 500 pages worth of comments, thoughts, and reviews on this forum. Am grateful to all of you who contribute to this forum, to the lovely people who have answered my questions, including those on PM and in Kakao groups. I was also inspired by @touni27 ’s uplifting post about big cheekbones, and I think the topic about facial width/ratios hasn’t been discussed yet in the context of zygomatic reductions, and thus I wrote this topic. I want to encourage people on the forums with an idea of a structured way to think about zygomatic reduction for themselves, amidst the threads of “do it!” And “don’t do it!!” which is why I posted this. Bear in mind that there is no one perfect way to assess aesthetics NOR am I saying that zygomatic reductions are bad - just that I've come to the interim conclusion that I'm not a candidate for zygomatic reductions and wanted to share my reasoning.

First, before I get into what I wanted to talk about, I wanted to give some background:

Online consultations with Korea plastic surgery hospitals
At first, all I wanted was a square jaw reduction procedure (and hopefully have a more permanent solution to Botox for the masseter muscles), but as I sent off my photos to the Korean PS hospitals, I had a lot of them telling me that I need to reduce my zygoma too for the “best result”. I started to feel concerned about my cheekbones.

Facial ratios
When dividing the face transversely into facial fifths (please watch this video by Ilumi plastic surgery at timestamp 1:00 to timestamp 1:34 for an idea of this concept).

I divided my face into facial fifths (for eye widths, I only counted up to the whites of the eyes) in a front-facing, neutral picture. I realised I have wide-set eyes while the sides of my face are nearly symmetrical. The distance between my eyes is 36mm, my eye whites are 20mm each, the left side of my face is 17mm from the left eye but the cheekbone is slightly protruding. The right side of my face is 19mm from my right eye but is NOT protruding (I.e., it is in line with the temple). I also realised I had a longer mid face due to my large nose - this must be why I also got suggested to do double-jaw surgery.

Back to the zygoma reduction topic
As other users on this forum have pointed out, the best candidates for a zygoma reduction are those with protruding cheekbones AND a small face. The max the cheekbones can be pushed in is up to the temple.

I also considered that I’ve already done a nose job which I’m happy with and don’t have any malocclusion/TMJ issues. Also, my left cheekbone that protrudes slightly is unfortunately already the more slender side of my face. So results from a cheekbone reduction are so minimal that I think it is not worth the entire cost of doing it.

I do not know of any bone surgery that could possibly ameliorate the issue of wide-set eyes. In any case I do not think it is possible nor worth the risk - how can the skull which contains the brain be re-aligned like that? The only way I can think of is the soft-tissues way - by an epicanthoplasty, followed by a subsequent nose job to reduce the total nasal width. And then a FC to change the facial structure “smaller.” That’s not a method I am willing to consider as I have neither the funds nor the determination to go through that.

Final thoughts
I was a little crushed when I realised that I might never have a heart-shaped face based on my pre-existing structure. Of course, I’m still pending a CT scan and actual consultations with the Korean surgeons. I admit the limitations of online consultations. Now what I’m considering is a square jaw reduction with facial liposuction/Accusculpt. Hope this post would be a catalyst/add-on to the thought process* for those who are considering FC procedures.

*Edited 12:20am for the phrase 'the thought process'


Jan 13, 2010
Did you have yours done? How was it? Where did you decide to have your surgery?