Facial Waxing

  1. Has anyone tried facial waxing at a beauty salon? Is it painful, and does your skin get irritated afterwards? Will the facial hairs regrowth be thicker so you have to do it constantly? I suddenly got this idea that I would like to try a facial wax.. but I'm afraid that once you do it, you have to always get it done, you know?
  2. Just reading that made me twitch, :P .
    1. Waxing isn't painful, it just needs getting used to.
    2. Everybody's skin is different, so it could irritate your skin and not my skin, you just have to try it.
    3.I've always heard waxing makes your hair grow slower and thinner than before and I have found that to be true.
    4.Once you start waxing, just like plucking your eyebrows, I suppose you would want to keep doing it since it makes such a good difference in your appearance.
    5. I pluck my eyebrows and use wax at home, so it doesn't seem like a big deal to me like it would if I went to a salon every 2 weeks. Maybe go to the salon the first time and try to keep it up at home?
  3. i've been getting my eyebrows waxed for about 5 years and yes it hurts, but not much anymore. its a quick pain, definently bareable for the nice difference it makes. i find it better than plucking because plucking is lots of small pains, instead of one big one. i get waxed every 4-6 weeks and pluck in between. i have noticed less and thinner hair. i'm not sure i would try it at home, i'd be too afraid of taking off too much.
  4. I get my entire body waxed: arms, legs, underarms, upper lip, brows and entire bikini area. Have been for 5-6 yrs now, at first it really hurt, but then after 2-3 times, im numb to it. hey, atleast im hair free.
  5. I waxed my eyebrows about 3 years ago and my skin is sensitive so afterwards it'll puff up and turn red for a little bit, but it'll go away in 15 minutes or so. My mom and aunt does it for me and they put aloe vera on it afterwards and it really helps with the burning sensations. The pain is not that bad after a couple of times. It's worth it because I hate sitting there plucking my eyebrows.
  6. I get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed. I do it about once a month. It doesn't hurt after you get it done a few times. I get it done in conjunction with a facial, so that prevents bumps from coming on my skin. At least it helps me. When I used to get it done without a facial, I would break out each time.

    However, I use something by bliss called See Spots Run. I put it on a few hours after I get waxed to prevent irritation and bumps as well.
  7. I get my brows and my moustache waxed every few weeks. It's not totally painless, but it's not like getting a tooth pulled. It feels more startling than painful. Just make sure to go to a reputable spa/salon where the estheticians are well trained, and you'll be fine.
  8. never had a problem with eyebrows...but the one time I had a facial wax was the last. Must have had an allergic reaction because I developed large bumps which thankfully went away after a couple of days. But, the big thing is that I developed melasma, (very minimal). So, I let as many people know that there is a possibility of problems that may arise. Also...it's best to stay out of the sun right after any facial or facial wax
  9. I would hesitate to get facial waxing only because while for some people, waxing can minimize hair growth over time, for others, waxing actually stimulates the folicle to produce thicker, stronger hair. It really depends on your hair type--if you tend to have thicker, darker hair I'd probably look for another solution such as a depiltory cream or laser hair removal which can dramatically reduce regrowth. Good luck!
  10. I get my eyebrows waxed every few weeks. It's not so bad you get use to it. When I first started getting mine done my eyebrows and the skin around it would get red for a few hours and would be a little tender. But after a few times you get use to it!
  11. I only have ahd my eyebrows and my upper lipped waxed once. ABout a year ago.

    When it was done, it didn't even hurt so much. And in terms of growing back I think it also has to do with just how much time you spend staring at your face in the mirror.

    Since I don't much time looking at my face, I probably only realzied that I need get waxed again lol.
  12. my sister just got her facial hair lasered off. she said it hurt like a B*T*C* and it was like zap zap zap. but her face didn't seem to be red or irritated afterwards....
  13. I get my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks. Doesn't hurt at all for me.
  14. I get my eyebrows and chin waxed every 2 weeks (the same time I get my hair done). Its not really painful, it last longer, and my hairs come back thinner. I do know someone who just got done with the electrolysis and she is permanently hair free. She did say it hurt though but it was worth it.
  15. i prefer threading over waxing (for face)