Facial Rollers - thoughts?

  1. Hey all,

    do any of you have those facial rollers? There are 2 that I'm interested in - the Yuroll (a jade roller that Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue use) and the Dermaroller (a facial roller that has 200 tiny needles that you roll all over your face before a treatment to improve absorption).

    So, do any of you have these? And do they work?

    Yuroll - supposedly contours the face by lymphatic drainage, tightens pores, etc.

    Dermaroller (brand I saw was Leaf&Rusher) - supposedly helps to reduce with acne scarring)

    :tup: or :tdown:??
  2. Never heard of them, but I am interested. I'm actually sitting here with a masque on my face right now. I'm obsessed with healthy skin. Anything that works is good!
  3. i just ordered one off eBay so waiting for it to arrive.
    Apparently dermatologists have been using them for a long time.
    Dont know much about the jade roller but it doesn't sound like it would do that much i would definitely go for the dermaroller.
  4. The jade roller looks interesting. Apparently, with continued use, it has the same effect as Botox.
  5. these look really interesting
  6. There's an article in the new Elle about these. They talk about one that has 1mm needles that you have to be numbed for and one that has 3mm needles that you have to be fully sedated for. Apparently they are pretty awesome. I'd love to know of a person who has actually had it done!
  7. Ouch!
  8. I have the needle roller. It is not so bad. I use it every day before I put on my creams at night.