facial products

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  1. hey everyone

    just wondering - hopefully this is not too personal and this thread hasn't been done before... so sorry if it has! :shame:

    just wondering what do you use on your face?
    whats your daily routine?
    do you squeeze or pop? :amazed:
    what are you favourite products etc...? (this can include make up as well) ;)
  2. I use kiehls products for skincare..they work great for me..I don't wear makeup..so can't help you there..and my mother always told me to never never pop!!:biggrin:
  3. Dr. N.V. Perricone for me, his olive oil polyphenols line for sensitive skin.

    I pick at my facial blemishes (when I have them) if I am under stress; bad habit - trying to break it.

    make-up line = Bobbi Brown and Chanel (I don't deviate from these 2); except for my Loreal Voluminous mascara; this stuff is the best and for under $7.
  4. I use dermalogica and kiehl's.

    I don't wear face makeup like foundation or concealer on a daily basis. The best look for me is some cream blush, a light cream shadow on the eyelid (Clinique touch tint), some black mascara (Chanel), and a neutral lipstick or lip balm. Very easy and simple but makes a world of difference.
  5. I'm obssessed with skincare. I've used SO many different products, varying from expensive high end ones, to stuff you can find at the drug store. I have combination skin ( but it gets more oily in the summer w/ humidity.)

    So, my skincare regiman changes slightly due to which season it is.

    I'm an SA at Bath and Body works, and they have some really nice, quite underrated products.
    I use the Pure Simlpicity Oat cleanser, and it does an amazing job of cleaning my skin/removing make-up, and doesn't irritate ( it also has a wonderful clean scent.)
    I follow up with C.O. Bigelow Extra Light Facial Lotion ( seriously a Godsend, this light formula provdes my skin with moisture without clogging poors.)
    When I bother to pick it up, I'll use a toner- sometimes I like the most moisturizing one clinique offers ( their other toners have so much alcohol in them, they're incredibly drying and irritating.) Sometimes I use the C.O. Bigelow With Hazel Toner ( my boyfriend uses this one too, it's nice and tingly without being overly drying.) Toners are a non-essential ( but alllllways marketed as essential) part of your skincare regimen. :smile:
    I also like to use a facial scrub a few times a week ( I tend to over exfoliate :-X ) Sometimes I use a little at-home microdermabrasion kit ( AMAZING!) but I usually just use either the ever trusyt St. Ives Apricot scrub ( with such a nice, abrasive scrub and scent, for so little- I can't resist.) and I also use C.O. Bigelow Honey Almond Scrub ( very thick and luxurious- hardly abrasive.)

    That's the basics I use for right now :smile: wow, I'm wordy! I've noticed that my skin tone is uneven > : ( ( I have freckles, which only magnifies the problem) Does anyone know of any good products for this dillemma? I'm also on the lookout for a good mask- I used to use the Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask- so maybe something similar to that?

    My staple make-up products are
    *Clinique superbalanced make-up ( mainly as a cover-up, not foundation.)
    *NARS Orgasm blush
    *DiorShow Mascera
    *Shu Uemura Eye-lash curler
    *Clarins Self Tanning Milk
    *Jonathan Redo ( not technically a make-up product... but it's amazing!)

    whew. I overdid this one, huh? :-P
  6. I use a lotion on my face called Prevage at nite that is loaded w/ antioxidants. The rest of the time I wash w/ cetaphil cleanser and use neutrogena mositurizer. I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful of what I use. I wear mostly Bobbi brown makeup when I go out...the rest of the time only a little concealer. I've never had acne so I've been lucky.
  7. I use the Proactiv system everyday. I stops my breakouts and keeps my skin looking good. 2 times a week I use loreal microdermabrasion.
  8. I use Neutrogena Rapid Clear facewash and astringent every morning. I still have oily skin and tend to break out around my, er, time of the month. For makeup, I use Clinique foundation and mascara, Loreal liquid eyeliner, and different eyeshadows from Nars, Lorac and MAC.
  9. Skin care I use MD Forte' and Skincuetacials (from my facialist) I'm a bad picker and poper when I have them (once a month). Make-up, I wear Lancome' and Estee Lauder, I rarely wear foundation although I do use an undereye concealer. In a week or so, I won't have to wear eyeliner ever agian as I am getting the perm. put on!! One less thing to mess with!
  10. The new Kiehl's microdermabrasion system is fantastic. I've only used samples so far though. Love those samples.

    A few years ago I did a course of Accutane and it gave me the clearest skin of my life. A miracle worker. Now I still get occasional zits (I didn't stay on Accutane long enough), but only around my period, and NOTHING as bad as I used to get.
  11. All of my facial products are Guinot. I cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream and lid firmer, 2 different moisturizers. LOVE all guinot prodcuts. Also love Cellex c...I switch every 8 months or so..between the two.
    No foundation as its SOOOOO humid here and it would slide off. MAC bronzer, different MAC lipsticks, and eyeshadow, mascara etc...all MAC.
    AND my new favorite perfumes are Lovely (Sarah J Parker) and the new one by JOY.
  12. I always wanted to try accutane- not because I need it- but it's supposed to be really amazing~

    however. It has so many scary side affects, I shyed away from it. There are some studies that correlate accutane with depression/suicide ( not totally verified, the events could have been unrelated) but it poses a very real threat of birth defects... I've heard it's really hard to get a derm. to even prescribe accutane to a (sexually active) girl- bc it causes fatal birth defects in, like, 80% of the cases.

    I'm just curious if you experienced any really negative side affects while on it?
  13. I love DDF, it keeps my skin calm, and Bobbi Brown for makeup
  14. Well, if you go on accutane it is required that you are on the Pill, and you must take a blood pregnancy test at the dermatologist's every month. Yes, it does cause awful birth defects. So, don't get pregnant while you're on it.

    The worst side effect for me was the dryness. I had to use lip balm all the time, lotion on my arms, and it even dried out my you-know-what. ;) But honestly that wasn't much of a price to pay for perfect skin. And it's only for 4-6 months. Another positive effect was that the oiliness of my scalp lessened, making my hair soft and shiny for a couple days after washing.

    I had awful acne from age 16-30. It was frustrating and gross, even if I was the only one who was bothered by it.

    One of the best parts of accutane took place in the first two weeks: all on their own, my blackheads on my nose (which had been there for a decade or whatever) cleared themselves out overnight. That was awesome.
  15. HelenNZ, you might have started another very long thread here, LOL. You can have a look at this forum where people exchange facial/beauty experience. You can find at least a thread about any product you want to know about there.


    My recent brands were Decleor, Yonka and now Laniege (Korean).