Facial or Face Steamer Advice/Help

  1. My mother's Birthday is coming up in a few days and I'm not sure what to get her but a face/facial steamer is one thing I have thought of but I have no experience with one nor do I know if they are worth the buy or what Brand or Model is good. My mom has always said just do it the old fashion way by using hot water but it takes so much effort she never does it. Soo...

    For those of you have experience with this, would you recommend one and why? Also, what is a good brand/model and where can I purchase it? Approximate prices would also be helpful. Thanks much!!
  2. I love mine, but it is just a cheap drugstore one. I really would call around to some beauty supply stores or search the web to see if they have better ones. The older ones from 20 years ago were very well made and larger. I have been looking at getting a professional one from E-bay or the beauty supply store. The ones that are on a stand and you can lie down and position the steam flow to the direction you want. They sell for about $125.00 I think. These are the ones I have seen in some salons being used.
    To me it is more relaxing to be laying down than bending over a table to steam your face.