Facial Mole Removal?

  1. HEY everyone...have any of you had small moles/beauty marks removed from your face? the small, flat BLACK moles, not the ones that stick out of your face or anything?? any good doctors in the bay area? Have you heard of FACE PLUS IN SAN FRANCISCO, CA? thanks any information appreciated.
  2. I had several moles removed with laser. it falls out in about a week to two and no scars at all.

  3. do you know any good doctors in the bay area? im scared that it will scar my face because i have a few moles on my face...there really is NO scars? thanks
  4. i got mine removed by a plastic surgeon using scapel.. it's fantastic, removes the roots of the mole and causes a very tiny scar - which fades after a while.
  5. ^^^
    i had a facial mole removed by a plastic surgeon as well. they do the best job and the scarring is minimal - you have to look closely at where mine was to see the really faint line.
    also, be sure to remind your doc to biopsy whatever he removes just as a precaution. most docs do it anyway but just to be sure.
  6. there is really no scar at all but I don't know any doc in bay area. sorry
  7. I got a facial mole removed by a plastic surgeon about 10 years ago on my face when I was still in elementary school. Although you can't really see it normally - you can definitely make out a line when I either squint or smile (it was on my cheek bone).
  8. maybe you can ask your family doctor or dermatologist for a referral? most specialists (this is from Canadian experience only) usually require a referral to get an "in" anyway....not sure it this helps...