Facial Moisturizer which do you like to use best and recommend?

  1. I want to know because I feel my skin feel so dry especially around the nose area:sad2: I have somewhat sensitive skin too and I only use Chanel or loreal but they don't seen like working lately...I know you ladies know a lot more about beauty products than I do,any recommendation???
  2. i recently picked up Biotherm Aquasource Non stop moisturizer, and i love it. i got the gel version because i have combination skin and my forehead gets oily. i needed something light, but also strong enough to combat my copious dry skin, and this has done the trick beautifully so far. and it was only $31. i also have the biotherm foaming cleanser and it's great.
  3. hmm I use clinique..I like it alot.. did you try shisedo? my mom uses it and likes it alot!
  4. I never try clinique or shisedo but I like to use the Biotherm D-stress night cream which I think is pretty good! And the Biotherm body scrub is great I think. Maybe I should look in to that...
  5. I swear by Kiehl's Ultra facial moisturiser.
  6. My friend used to work for Shisedo and she absolutely :love: :love: their whole set: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizers. She said it just made her skin glow and it never felt better. I tried it a couple of times and loved it. It is a little pricey, but so worth it.
    I, personally, use Estee Lauder's set of products.
  7. I have extremely sensitive combination skin and I use a whole line of Dermatologica products. i use Active Moist moisturiser,but since you're dry I would suggest a more nourishing one.Which they have,but I cannot remember the name right now.
  8. I've been using Lancome for years now. It works great for me.
  9. HAve you tried Sheishido? It seems to work really well for me.
  10. I use Clique Moisture Surge -- the pinkish gel. It's the best I've found so far.
  11. i use SK II facial clear solution which is great for my sensitive combination skin....it's incredibly light and fast absorbing but hydrates my incredibly dry yet oil skin :shame:.....i use their whole line, and it's a little pricey in general....the lotion's $100...but i think it's well worth (also i buy mine in duty free in korea so it actually costs a lot less :P)

  12. I use that too - It is excellent and did you know you can even use it on top of makeup (just dab it on), if you feel dry during the day.
  13. I use all Guinot products. I LOVE it all....
  14. i use aveda all sensitive b/c i have really sensitive skin, love it. although i don't have dry skin, so i don't think its very strong