facial mask

  1. i'm looking for a deep cleaning facial mask to use at home. you know, the type that hardens after 15 mins or so. i use to use a great one from the ultima line but it has been discontinue for ages. can anyone suggest one? tia.
  2. I love the tourlamine charged facial mask from AVEDA - it stings just a a little bit but just enough to let you know that it's really digging out the gunk on your face...or at least thats what I hope the sting means! After I wash it off, my face feels nice and smooth and CLEAN! :smile:
  3. ooo i need a face mask too.. i hope i cn get that here...
  4. I LOVE the Borghese fango mud mask... I totally recommend that one, too :smile:
  5. anyone ever tried the Garnier face mask? its in drug stores in asia and maybe europe... the purifying and lifting one is amazing. plus its cheap and works.
  6. that's the one I was going to say, hands down the best mud mask I've owned and I've tried most of them!

  7. Agreed!!! Drys quick and deep cleans so well.
  8. Based upon the makeupalley.com reviews, I tried the INEXPENSIVE ($3.29!!!) Mint Juleep Mask from Queen Helene last night. It worked really well! Tingly, but I feel like a lot of "crap" came out of my pores and my skin is softer. For the price, it's worth a shot!
  9. OOh Wicked! I was just going to suggest that. Another forum, I used to be a member of before it disbanded, SWORE by Queen Helene. I've tried it as well and I have very sensitive skin and found it to be quite good!
  10. i like the aveda clay one or the ahava dead sea mud one (amazing!)
  11. i have a question regarding using facial masks.

    does your skin have to be out of pimples before you can use a mask? if not, the mask wouldn't irritate the pimples making it worse?

    thanks! :flowers:
  12. I use Jurlique Moor Mask...works well with break outs & non-drying. Leaves my skin soft & smooth.

  13. as a skincare junkie, i recommend Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Cleansing Masque and Clarins Aromatic Plant Purifying Masque. These 2 leave your skin wonderfully clean and sparkly. you can actually see your skin reflect more light after rinsing it off with warm water.
  14. magnaminty by lush. LOVE it!!
  15. You can use them even with pimples . . .at least with Queen Helene and I don't see why you wouldn't otherwise. You can even use it as a spot treatment specifically for them (which i do when i get one). Yay for cheap!