Facial Lazer

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  1. Has anyone had facial lazer treatments to reduce pigmentation and fine capillaries?

    My derm suggested it -- he said they have a new laser that is extremely safe and gentle. I have some melasma that has refused to lighten with hydroquinone. But I have heard reports of, for example, the treated skin getting lighter than surrounding areas (neck).

    Anyone have any experience or information?
  2. I asked about this about a month ago. I'm planning to have the laser for capillaries (V laser? I've forgotten already) in August. When I asked on the other thread, there were a few members who had it and were generally happy, but it didn't always last that long. I didn't hear about any ill effects though--not from my dermatologist either, so I would be interested in what you have found out about that.
  3. Also called it V-Laser. He is very conservative so I feel fairly comfortable when he said it is extremely safe. He recommended three treatments at $250 each.

    Susan Eric, would very much appreciate it if you would post or PM me after you have this done. Would love to hear how it went and whether you are happy with the results. Are you planning one treatment or several?