Facial hair on men

  1. Hello!

    I've been experimenting with all manner of combinations of beard, moustache, sideburns, scruffy, clean, maintenance scruff, partials, trimmed lines, blah blah blah. I've been 'spirimentin. As well, I've been people-watching with this in mind.

    Item 1) A man's facial hair style should fit his facial structure & body shape.

    For instance, tall thin guys with a beard generally look odd because it somehow gives an elongating visual effect. It accentuates a feature into abnormality. However, broad guys generally benefit from a good beard due to the visual effect of adding length to their facial broadness, serving to 'even out' their proportions.

    As another example, guys with a highly defined facial structure can benefit GREATLY (read: model material) from a maintained scruff (ie 5shadow with trimmed edges, clean neck). The aesthetic somehow adds an impression of power and potential, a highly desireable masculine effect. However to the contrary, men with a very round facial structure end up looking odd. This is because the 'scruff lines' are an accentuation of something that basically does not exist on their face. The goal of the scruff is to work with existing light gradients, so when those areas of shadow are not clearly delineated on the face, it ends up as a movement toward 'sloppy.' Sloppy is undesireable because of it's overtones of low self-worth. Unmasculine, unattractive. A constant clean shave is often the answer here.

    In this regard, I am personally stuck because my facial structure is right in between! I have some definition, but it's neither strong nor weak. I could be safe & keep clean, but it feels boring, and I HATE shaving.

    So yeah, the above examples are of extremes. They're guidelines. My next theory is alot more iffy, but:

    Item 2) A womans preference on facial hair is most likely linked to her concept of masculinity, as determined by her life experience. For example, you girlys who like the beard may have known a man (such as your father?) while growing up who made a strong impression on how you identify a guy as "a man." Positive reinforcement seems a given, but I don't know how negative experiences factor in. I'm assuming at the moment that it's the same story with clean guys. Basically, there's a man who was in your life who has forevermore set the tone on how you percieve masculinity. That man probably has the facial hair you say you like.

    Thoughts, criticism, ideas?

    *side note, it's rather odd how unanimously women find the solo moustache to be creepy. Think, for instance, of the 70's or so where it was acceptable, possibly even attractive. Does anyone have any thoughts here? Why the overwhelming backlash?
  2. my dad doesn't have a beard or moustache..never.
    When I met my Bf he was 'clean'. But I talked him into a fring of beard...and I was very pleased with the results.
    It's hard to give advice on this... Women have different preferences. I dont like a moustache.
    What style was most comfortable for you??
  3. Here are my thoughts.

    I find a solo mustache gag worthy.

    My husband is the only man I've ever liked w/ facial hair. The reason is very simple, all the other guys looked bad w/facial hair and dh looks HOT!

    I love my man with a short and kempt goatee.:drool:
  4. Oops...didn't really give you advice....do you have anyone you can ask what looks best on you during the diff. stages of growth?
  5. The only type of facial hair I find attractive on a man is a goatee.
  6. I love facial hair. I used to really like clean cut boys back in the day but there's something just so manly about a beard. And I didn't know anyone growing up, with any facial hair, either.

    My boyfriend has a full on beard and mustache. I love it.
  7. Didn't you get banned???
  8. lol.

    Pradaaa!!!! Where are you?
  9. I second that.:yes:
  10. No one in my life had facial hair when I was young, but dh always has had either a goatee or beard. He looks ridiculous clean-shaven (very round face, small chin) and knows it, so he keeps a well-trimmed goatee in the summer and a well-trimmed beard in the winter.

    It all depends on the man. I never liked facial hair on a man until I met dh.
  11. My DH REFUSES to shave (I've never seen him sans facial hair). He says he looks 12 w/o facial hair & he's almost 33. Soooo... DH has a fu-manchu thing. Yes, it sounds weird & perhaps like we have guns & live in a trailer while smoking menthol lights & drinking beer. :p:happydance:However, DH actually looks good. Its very short length wise but it gives his face some nice character. Strange, but it suits him very well.

    IMHO... I HATE goatees, they CREEP me out. It looks like dirt that you missed or something:shrugs:

    On other men I have liked the NEAT 5 o'clock shadow or clean shaven w/ MAYBE small sideburns if you can handle them! Depends on the guy.

    Usually though, I am not a fan of full beards. Too much!
  12. reporting a post is a better solution if you have an issue w/ a thread:yes:

    My Dad always had a beard, now just a mustache.
    I'm VERY close to my Dad, always have been.
    I can't stand facial hair on my guy, on some guys I don't mind the way it looks, but not on my guy.
    I do love some nice side burns though:yes:
  13. Clean shaven except for a soul patch.
    That's how my hubby wears his and I think its so attractive!!:heart: