Facial exfoliators for sensitive combination skin

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  1. Hi,
    I have been reading the Rants and Raves section of this sub forum and need some advice.

    I don't want to spend more than £15 on an exfoliator. I need something that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin but also high in exfoliation for my combination areas.

    I don't want to try St Ives as there are mixed reviews and I feel it will be too harsh for my skin.

    My skin is very reactive to products and will burn or sting when a product doesn't agree with my skin.

    I have tried Origins Modern Friction which was also too harsh for my skin.

    What would you recommend for sensitive skin?
  2. Hi

    I like Matis Reponse Delicate Peeling Cream. That is for sensitive skin. Cost a bit more but its great.

    But my favourite is Md formulations face and body scrub. I have sensitive skin and it works ok on me even if its not typically for sensitivskin.
    Cost a bit, but the bottle is 250 ml intead on the normal 50 ml, so it will last you forever!
  3. Check out origins.
  4. I don't get on with Origins products, its a shame really as I really like the smells of their products. I was using and wrote a thread on dupes for Checks and Balances as I really liked it. However after a few more uses it really dryed my skin out.
  5. I had a sample of the H2O exfoliator/face scrub and it works nicely with my sensitive skin! I read that their products are good. I would definitely buy this one.
  6. Try Kiehl's Epidermal Re-texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion. It's good too.
  7. i tried ole hendrickson and they are very soft beads that worked out pretty well for my ultra sensitive skin :smile:
  8. I use Natio (Australian Brand) and have read about A'kin (also Australian, paraben free and more organic than Origins) which you might want to give both a try.
  9. Have you tried powder-to-foam exfoliators, like Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and L'Occitane Exfoliating Rice Powder? They are powders that you mix with a bit of water to work into a foamy cream. They're suuuuper gentle and makes you feel as if you're not even really exfoliating your face, but they work. I personally have only used Dermalogica and really love it, but the L'Occitane one is similar and maybe more accessible to you.

    And yeah, don't try St. Ives. I have sensitive skin as well and it is way too harsh. Anything with crushed walnut shells or similar are too harsh since they have sharp ends. If you want something scrubby, go for ones with round beads, or the powders which are very gentle.
  10. I second the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. It's super soft on your skin, but you still get the exfoliation you want and need. Most other facial scrubs are just way too harsh for my skin and this is the only one I use and recommend now. I use it twice a week
  11. Thank you for all of your replies, I am looking into them all. How long does the tub of Daily Microfoliant last?
  12. kanebo silk powder.. it is very gentle and does exfoliate nicely...
  13. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant will last you a loooooong time, a lot longer than your average exfoliator that is already in a cream form. Seriously, it'll get to the point where you're wondering if it has run out yet, or if it ever will. The trick is not to get the inside of the bottle wet because that would completely ruin it.

    I wouldn't scrub your face with honey and brown sugar. It's more ideal for rougher spots on your body or your lips. Sugar crystals are sharp and too harsh. I *do* like honey by itself as a mask, though; it's moisturizing and calming/soothing for irritated skin.