Facial contouring and Rhinoplasty at the same time?

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  1. Is it a bad idea to do this? I am getting V line surgery and zygoma reduction. I was also thinking of doing Rhinoplasty here in Germany but I have looked at plastic surgeons and Korea ones seem better IMHO. Even though I want to get my nasal bones narrowed and bulbous tip reduced as opposed to traditional Asian rhinoplasty of raising the bridge.

    Do people usually do them in one operation at the same clinic? Or do the facial contouring first and rhinoplasty later? Some clinic before and afters say that people have done both.. Idk if they do them at once though.

    Thank you :smile:
  2. No, otherwise you cannot breathe.
  3. I did them all at once. You have to breathe through your mouth for a few days though.
  4. I'm getting v-line, zygoma reduction and rhinoplasty as well! ^^ You're able to do it but I heard it's more difficult to breathe. But it's not impossible - I've read many experiences of people doing both at once.
  5. Some clinics, for added safety reasons will not do v line + rhino at the same time due to fluid build up. So you should either combine zygoma + vline or zygoma + rhino then do the other procedure on day 4 or something because that is when your deswelling process begins
  6. Yes, this was my worry. I have heard some people do it around the same time though but I dont want to risk too much.

    Thank you. Is it hard to breathe through your mouth after V line? Which clinic did you do them at? :smile:

    Thanks! ^^ Good luck. Are you doing it all in one operation or waiting a few days but doing at same clinic?

    Thank you! That is a good idea :smile: I want V line more so I might do that first and then if I feel bad I will cancel the rhinoplasty.

    Will clinics get offended if I book different surgeries at each one? I have TL, Regen, MVP, Hershe and Cooki on my list for facial contouring. However I might choose different places for rhinoplasty.
  7. Good luck to you too ^^~ When are you getting your operation done? I'm doing mine in September.
    I'm thinking of doing it all in one operation since I'll only be in Korea for 2 weeks, and I want to get it over and done with in one go. But I'm not 100% sure yet :smile:
  8. They wouldn't get offended or at least they shouldnt. I mean its your face girl! But they might pressure you to do your nose with them so don't mention you want to do your nose elsewhere is you that is in fact what you are planning to. Ideally tho you would do it at the same place if you feel confident in both surgeons, that will help u better bargain price down too.
  9. I'm probably going this autumn too :smile: I have heard before December is not a busy time.

    Have you emailed clinics to ask? I'll do that I think. I can go for up to 4 weeks but the recovery time is probably longer if they do 2 procedures. I would rather do it in one go but I'm not sure if its more risky. So I'm not sure either lol ^^

    Yeah, I'm thinking put the deposit down for both surgeries but only pay the full amount for V line prior to doing that? Then if V line is hard to recover from I don't mind losing my deposit for rhinoplasty if it's not too much (5% usually right?) :smile:

    I would rather do it at just one place yes, because then I have the same nurses taking care of me etc. I have Regen, TL, Hershe, MVP and Cooki on my list so far. Do you know if any of those are good for both thanks? :smile:
  10. OK so I emailed the clinics and they all "recommend" doing both at same time and say it is common for foreign patient.. Does this mean these surgery are dodgy? o_0
  11. MVP produces quite natural results. I never visited Hershe or Cooki before. TL ummmm their before and afters is like the super dolly kind if thats what you like? lol......Actually my friend just did his zygoma at Regen last month. Kinda makes me wanna go do my zygoma too but ima wait for him to deswell so i can guinea pig his results before i decide lol
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  12. Thanks! Sorry I forgot to quote you, I made a new post today :smile: ^^

    Haha good thinking. I saw QiuQiu did her zygoma at Regen, but of course bloggers get special treatment lol. They seem natural but not as natural as Banobagi.

    I heard Cooki does dolly faces like TL does. They seem new though.

    Which ones are the best for noses? I was thinking of going to MVP for nose if not facial contouring. They have the best before & afters IMO :smile:
  13. Ehhh dont focus too much on before and afters. They all been photoshopped. You should always prioritize your choice based on the proposed methodology which makes most logical sense for your facial structure. Also I dont like qiu qiu's job at regen. I dont think they shoud have even done facial contouring on her cos she clearly wasnt a good candidate and had sagging after. Her face was tiny to begin with! You know you can try girin also. Girin produced some really nice results for Mrs King and Maiq
  14. Yeah I'm not sure what to do for nose haha. I have a German nose with wide thick Asian skin but the methods Korean doctors use seem better than Germans'. I know, she was a model before! I like the facial contouring they did though, but the nose job was too upturned. I think clinics that are good for V line would also be good for zygoma for you

    I was thinking of Girin, I heard they botched someone on here though. Is botched surgery usually because of inexperienced surgeon or the doctor hurrying? Or shadow doctors?

  15. First problem with that is that poster has zero credibility. So dont even take it seriously. Only one post history and then disappears. Second theres the issue of subjectivity. So take it with a pinch of salt.

    Anyways, all surgeons have surgeries which did not turn out as planned. This is something we must all accept if we are going to undergo plastic surgery. Our face isn't a blank canvas, it has muscle nerves soft tissue etc etc etc. Surgeons are only human and therefore there is always a margin of human error. Then there's the issue of subjective vs objective. Most revisions is due to subjective disagreements with the results whilst obviously there are the unfortunate objective ones. So even the most experienced surgeons will always have dissatisfaction from their patients. To me botch is where for example, a surgeon uses L shape silicone knowing the risks it involves and the patient experiencing extrusion. Or a surgeon knowingly performs facial bone contouring only to cause very significant sagging and not letting the patient know of this risk before the surgery.