Facial cleansing oil

  1. So I've read the FAQ about cleaning products and some stuff about baby oil. But would you use Facial Cleansing Oil on your LV? Just wondering...I have tons lying around hehe :smile:
  2. No, I wouldn't. sorry....
  3. No no no!
  4. Eek! :push:

    I would be to scared to do that. :sweatdrop:
  5. No...wouldnt take that chance...
  6. i highly doubt, but it won't hurt to do some experiment on "some one elses's" bag :devil:
  7. noway
  8. eeeeek NO!
  9. Nooooo O.o sorry.
  10. cleansing oil??? like Shu Uemera's????? ummm..... no..... But I do put Lancôme's whitening lotion on LV's leather. It doesn't darken the leather like how baby oil tends to do...
  11. oh no.. don't do that
  12. I definitely wouldn't try that.
  13. Where did you hear that? The ingrediants in facial cleansers will dry up the leather horribly.
  14. that could put scary blotches on your bag!
  15. Haha, thanks folks. Just remembered my inane thread. Yes I have loads of these little bottles of Shu Uemura cleansing oils.

    I promise I won't use them on the lovely LVs! :yes: